SWWHD-PTCAM keeps rebooting after factory reset

  • 24 July 2018
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My SWWHD-PTCAM was working fine for the past few weeks. Today I tried connecting it to a different Wi-Fi access point SSID in my home. It failed, so i tried connecting back to the original SSID but it also failed. I eventually did a factory reset (via pin hole on device).

Since doing the factory reset, I no longer got the automatic voice setup, and scanning the QR code also didn't work (kept saying cannot connect to device). I eventually managed to get it connected via ethernet connection. It now obtains an IP address via Wi-Fi, but I cannot see any video footage or control the camera. The device also keeps rebooting every 5 or so minutes. Any advice please?

2 replies

FYI, I ended up calling tech support who covered all the troubleshooting I already did. Looks like the device is/was faulty so I ended up replacing it with another unit at the shop I bought it from. New unit works fine, but I don't plan to fiddle with the Wi-Fi settings anymore just in case!
Three of my new PTCAMs just stopped responding. The one Cam I have Ethernet connected still works. They worked well for a couple of weeks.