Smart Security Camera - SWWHD-INTCAM - No Alerts or notifications

How do I set up alerts for the SWWHD-INTCAM Wire Free 1080P? I can access live views and see the recordings through the app but don't receive any alerts to my samsung S7. Help please. I want to catch something in the act but just sit and watch the live feed all the time or keep checking every couple of minutes.

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Hello , I really need help working out why I am not receiving any alerts on my Samsung galaxy S7 android - when an activity is detected. I have ensured that notifications are on in my phone settings. What else could the issue be? This product is not meeting my needs in this regard because I specifically bought it because of this ability. SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE?? This is my second attempt at this question. I have attempted live chat and received a message saying they will be with me shortly for about an hour. I rang the help line and was referred to the website and forum. I feel like I am going around in circles and have wasted much time and patience with this problem. I have ensured that I have signed out of the app as suggested in another post and that didnt help either.. thanks
It's about 3 a.m. right now in the part of Australia where the main Swann tech I've seen post here lives. So give it a few more hours.

I don't have the product, but I looked up the manual and found on page 46 and found in the Troubleshooting:

I've stopped receiving push notifications from the app.
  • Check that the SAFE by Swann app is running in the background.
  • Some versions of the Android operating system automatically put apps to sleep to conserve battery life when your phone is not in use or when an app hasn't been used for a few days. If your phone utilizes this battery optimization feature, you need to turn off (or exclude) "battery optimization" for the SAFE by Swann app so that you don't miss any push notifications. See the manual that comes with your phone for additional information.
I use Android, and I've had apps that were put to sleep that I was able to fix this way. Have you tried that?
Thanks so much for trying to help me. When i first phoned it was 2.20 pm on monday WA time. My first question I posted was early in the evening that same day but I understand last night was pretty late. I have checked my phone settings as you suggested and they are definitely showing as being allowed and on priority. I have never received any notifications since purchasing and set up on monday. The live view connects really well and activities are shown only in the app. Do u think i should factory reset and start the whole process again? My partner just connected to the account with his galaxy note4 and has exactly the same issue. I just tried to phone the support line again but I guess being ANZAC day they r closed

Thanks for answering my questions

Hi Dorrie I am experiencing exactly the same issues as you are. The push notifications don't work. I have reinstalled the app on my Samsung J3 2016 and installed the app on a Samsung S7. I checked all of the notification settings and have set the notification setting as a priority notification. I have power refreshed the phone also. I reset the camera using a paper clip into the reset button at the back of the camera as per the user manual.I bought the camera from JB Hifi in Chirnside Park, Vic last Sunday. The firmware on the camera has been updated to the current version the app version is 1.0.87 and the camera model is SWWHD-INTCAM-AU. I close the app down when not in use as I do with all apps. I have tried leaving the app running and triggered the motion function but still no push notification. I have a video doorbell (cheap Chinese one from Ebay) and it pushes notifications without any problem to my phones. Would someone from Swann pleeeease help.

ps I have battery optimisation disabled for SAFE by Swann.

The Samsung J3 android version is 5.1.1
The Samsung S7 android version is 7.0
Hey Boots, i ended up ringing the swann support centre on 1800 788 210 and spoke with a tech guy. He got me to check all settings ... everything seems in order so swann are going to do a specialist investigation. They wanted to know my wifi info, broadband provider and mobile provider so maybe I have some sort of incompatible issue. I use iinet for broadband and telstra for mobile. If i were u i would call them like i did. Good luck!
Hi Dorrie,
Just thinking out loud, the mac address of the camera may have to be entered into the router whitelist? Anyhow thanks for the tip. Please post with the resolution details if the problem is resolved.

PS I use Telstra ADSL 6.6mbit/s down and 1mbit/s up with the Telstra supplied Technicolor TG799vac modem with a netgear ex7000 nighthawk range extender.
Do u mean like similar as gaming that we need to open a port in the router? Sorry I'm not really very tech minded but my partner tends to agree with u. They said 24 to 48 hour response for my investigation so hopefully u will work it out quicker than that! Let me know also if u work it out please.


PS We use ADSL with a tp-link AC1600. All i know is we stream netflix really well on 2 tvs at same time and phones and computer have no probs with anything else. haha
Hi Dorrie, I have limited IT knowledge but better than average as I am a radio tech with the Victorian Government (Emergency services). The router has a firewall and if the mac address is not recognised the device is locked out. I supposed I have answered my own question as the device is accessible. Anyhow I will leave it to the experts at Swann.

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Hi Dorrie,

There are a number of factors that can cause notifications not to be received that are not directly related to the camera.

For example:

My own phone's settings for the app. Default. Stops background operation. (!)

Checking the backend though, the biggest issue is identifiable from our server.

Last time your camera connected it reported a wifi signal strength of 6. Out of 100!

That would mean that either the camera is placed improperly, or is actually out of range. It could also be that you have connected the camera to the 5GHz wifi, which has faster throughput but shorter range.
Hi Michael

Thanks for your reply.

I have double checked the notifications and made sure the app does not doze or sleep and is set as priority.

I haven't checked yet but I am sure we are not running on 5GHz.

I am aware that the wifi percentage is very low at the moment. It the camera is not set up right now but placed in my cupboard still turned on so that could be why. But when I installed the app I was sitting next to the modem and believe I should have received notifications at that dtage of testing anyway. I didnt check the speed at that time though.

I have also just come across this report -

Could this be a cause of an issue?. Should I try to uninstall and reinstall the app and reset the camera and start over again? Although my partner has a galaxy note 4 and he is not receiving notifications either.

So very confusing!!


PS I have just set the camera up in the kitchen so it has 63% now. But still didn't receive any notification
Hi Michael and Dorrie, on my phone i have gone into Settings -> Developer options -> Process stats. I do not have a Safe by Swann push service running in the background. I believe this to be the problem. How do I get the push service to activate in the background?

Dorrie : How to enable Developer options in Android
  1. If using stock Android, go to Settings > About phone > Build number. On a Samsung Galaxy device, go to Settings > About device > Build number. ...
  2. Tap Build number seven times. ...
  3. Go back to Settings, where you'll find a Developer options entry in the menu.
My camera started sending push notifications to my phone this week. No further changes were made to my phone. Bizarre but I am happy with the camera now. I hope yours is working too Dorrie. Maybe some bug was fixed by Swann?
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Hey Boots,

Thanks for the update. I am not aware of any changes made on our end. Happy to hear that the issue is resolved for you. 🙂
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Hey Dorrie,

Has there been any change in your situation?
⚠Hi MichaelC and Dorrie. Further to my last message, my partner turned her mobile data on and WIFI off and the push notifications activated. When she turned mobile data off and WIFI back on the push notifications continued to work. In hindsight I believe that this is how my push notifications activated. I hope someone else who is having this problem can try this and post their result in this forum to confirm.

I have the exact problem on my galaxy S8. I tried using my iPad last night instead and it worked perfectly. I'm still waiting for Swann to contact me.

Dorrie are you still having problems?
Hi Dorrie, I have the same problem with my Samsung. Did you find a solution? I share your frustrations. Regards Lenni
Frustrated much!!! So much for simple 10 minute install and setup.
Same issue here on my S7, I have spent hours resetting, reinstalling and searching. This thread is the closest I have come but still no answers. It appears like I just have to wait several days and it will fix itself. I have tried all the above tricks including the turning off wifi on mobile data etc in several combos.
I haven't tried the developer option above.
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Hello Gnoojibah,

Have you tried what Boots mentioned?
⚠Hi MichaelC and Dorrie. Further to my last message, my partner turned her mobile data on and WIFI off and the push notifications activated. When she turned mobile data off and WIFI back on the push notifications continued to work. In hindsight I believe that this is how my push notifications activated. I hope someone else who is having this problem can try this and post their result in this forum to confirm.

Hi John, I have.
I have tried everything mentioned in this thread apart from messing with developer options as mentioned by Dorrie above. Surely that shouldn't be necessary? I'm at a loss. My installation differed to that shown on a youtube clip I watched when rather that conecting to my wifi directly it prompted me to connect to the cameras hotspot? And as mentioned by someone above I did not receive tje option to choose notifications. I assumed this was just an update since the youtube clip was made?
Maybe not?
Thanks for your reply any help will be greatly appreciated and prevent me throwing these things into the river lol
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As much as I wanted to help you make it work, I don't have an S7 to give you exact steps on how to check your settings. With things that are within our scope, I can only recommend re-installing the app in case some Android settings were changed for the app or to isolate if this is something with your phone or not, try another phone and see if push notification will work.

I do re-install the app on my S9+ couple of times for testing and it mostly still sends me alerts once there's movement. Please do note that the camera won't detect movement if the app is open or being accessed by another device.
Thanks John, keep trying and searching I'm sure I'll work it out.
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Please do try a different phone, maybe from a relative, just for further isolation. If it worked on theirs, then maybe contact your carrier or phone manufacturer to assist you further.
Hello again,
So I installed the app on my samsung tablet and immediately began to receive notifications (This was over a week ago).
I was still not receiving notifications on my S7.
Today while I was out I went to show my son the app and had been logged out of the app on my S7. After logging back in and returning home my camera detected motion and i received a notification on my S7....
I have no idea how or why..!
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It seems to be logging out and in the app has something to do with the app knowing that there's an account logged in and requires to be notified. Thanks for this, it may help others as well.