SafeBySwann 1.7.7 - Why is there no schedule or "smart" integration for setting Modes?

  • 20 August 2019
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I raised this in a separate topic, but despite 50+ views there was no response from Swann.
Maybe a more direct topic will get an answer?

There are a number of features that are seriously missing from the Safe by Swann app and are frustrating me to the point that I'm considering selling up and getting a different system.

Specifically, the lack of a schedule on the "Modes".
It is completely unpractical to expect a user to manually change the "Mode" as / when they leave the house / get home / go to bed. As such (and due to the lack of detection zones - separate question on that one coming up!) I'm getting hundreds of activity notifications a day.

There are 3 fairly straight forward options as far as I can tell that would instantly make the Modes a really powerful, and above all ACTUALLY useful tool.

1. A simple scheduling system? Seems pretty obvious and is something a semi-capable programmer could knock out in a couple of hours. With snack breaks. And some You Tube.

2. Better Google Assistant / Alexa etc. integration. "OK Google, set cameras to Night mode" or "OK Google, set cameras to home mode" for example

3. Even better would be IFTTT integration so I could hook into the same Life360 triggers I use with my heating to set home / away mode.

These seem pretty obvious and are really holding the system back from being a "smart" security system.

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