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  • 6 August 2019
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Hi all,
All of my cameras are set to record constantly, and when motion is detected the purple bar comes up on the green bar three out of the four cameras, I get a notification on camera four when there is motion, but the bar is always green? Unlike the others, hope this makes sense thanks!

1 reply

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I think the purple shows how long motion was detected for. So if the 4th camera had a fleeting detection of someone walking by (not stopping and moving around in frame) then that could be the reason. Do a test of dancing in front of camera 4. The neighbors might think you’ve gone crazy but it’s worth it. There may also be a setting to increase that time. I’ll look into it.

If the picture you have included here is camera 4, then looking at a wall might not help. You need cross movement (people moving horizontal to the camera). If they walk towards the camera and then go around the corner it would only sense for a shorter time.

Did you receive a notification, Dropbox photo and Email photo as well for that time?