Why is this happening?

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Here’s the latest development.
The blue light on front of NVR now blinks rapidly and continuously and performance is almost non existent. A very poor excuse for a “Security” system. Criminals would LOVE their targets to have one of these knowing they don’t work half the time.

I watched the live view on the monitor attached directly to the NVR and the cameras go offline a lot as shown by the white space in the record timelines. This unit seems to have severe defects as others that have the blinking blue light syndrome. I want a replacement ASAP or a refund. My unit is not even 1 year old.

Started to say that the problem appears to be with the NVR. The camera malfunction for all 4 channels appear to be happening at the same time, which seems to point to the NVR. Highly unusual for all 4 channels to quit working at exactly the same time.