NVR-8580 motion record length

  • 5 September 2018
  • 6 replies

Is it possible, without going to manual recording, to change the recording length of a motion event? For example if by default the recording length is 2 minutes on motion, can it be changed to 10 minutes?

6 replies

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Hi there @Marcjc,

Once that the camera detects activity, the camera will start recording and it will only stop recording once the activity is done. Also, the NVR has that setting called 'Post-Record' that you can find under Menu-Alarm where the camera still records for a certain time after it detected an activity and that's set to 30 seconds by default.

Hope this helps.🙂
This is perfect that you @KarlB
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No worries. Feel free to post anytime in our community if you have questions about the NVR. Have a great day!.
does this mean it doesn't record 24/7?? This is the whole reason I'm looking at this system as I'm not happy with the recording length of the OUTCAM
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Hi @Nw83,

To answer your question, the NVR-8580 can record 24/7 but the unit by default is recording only when there's a movement or activity. If you want the unit to record 24/7 then you have to set it manually on the NVR's menu.
I’m having the same issue.
Where is the NVR menu

what do you need to change to record 24/7