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No update and i don't think Swann even read this forum because they never answer
I have also just purchased a Swann 8 channel DVR (4575 series - latest firmware) which is exhibiting the same behavior - hard drive constantly spins up and down... There doesn't appear to be any other negative affects that I've seen so far, but have only connected one camera so far.

Doesn't appear to be a faulty hard drive, leaning more towards a software bug - they seem very quick to spin the HDD down as opposed to waiting a few mins before doing so?

Any fix in sight?
Wish I had joined the community page before I bought my new one. I had a 4575 that was just over a year old, the USB ports and the ethernet port suddenly stopped working. unfortunately I couldn't find the receipt and shop I bought from has gone bust. Bought a new 8-4580 ( same version firmware as above) and the hard drive spins up and down every few minutes. I haven't noticed any juddering during playback, but the noise from the drive is driving me crazy. I have tried changing settings , sensitivity, recording, live view, number of cameras etc it still spins up and down. Will try contacting Swann, but judging by above posts I think it will be a waste of time. Does anyone know if you can use the Swann pro series thermal cameras with any other manufacturers systems (not worried if the thermal side of them doesn't work) as I think I will be taking this back and changing manufacturer but don't want to remove the cameras. 😡
thought Id check back to see if any solution, apparently they havent updated the software,,Ive have read this thread and agree with G law, the old software does not display this issue.

Only solution at moment is finding a way to get the old software back as Im assuming the new boxes come with the new software, if they dont , swap the NVR unit.

Thinks its pathetic swann are not dealing with this a year on.

Im sure you can use BNC connectors on another recorder as they are standard connections....

again go back to retailer forget swann, see what they can do but yea who is going to remove cameras once mounted.