I can’t connect the system to the router?? Please HELP.

  • 8 August 2019
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I’m fed up with my system or maybe just my own stupidity, can some one please help me? The help would have to be in layman speak and you would literally have to walk me through it step by step if that’s possible?

My system is a few yrs old and my friends boyfriend put it up in my previous house and had it all running perfectly I had it on my phone the lot. Then he took it down and put it up in my current house and it’s great if I’m home, it has playback so it’s obviously working to some degree. I asked him why it wasn’t working with my phone and he said you need to hardwire it, which I’m sure I didn’t do at the last house, anyway I’ve hardwired it and it still won’t connect to my phone.

I've also changed broadband suppliers since it was initially installed and for some reason the IP address was wrong so I’ve googled the IP address and changed it on the system. Although I don’t know about Subnet Mask Address so haven’t touched that. I’ve clicked on every tab and I can’t see an option to “Connect to Router”?? Please help, I feel like I can’t ask my friends boyfriend again as he’s so busy.

ps... I have the same system at work and that works perfectly on my phone.

Thanks in Advance.

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