Problem with initial DVR setup

  • 31 July 2018
  • 3 replies

I recently purchased a security system model SWDVK-845806 and have encountered a problem when trying to set it up for the first time. I have followed the instructions for connection to my TV etc but when I turn on the DVR the following occurs:-
The green power light comes on
The HDD light flashes on briefly and I hear the HDD start
The Swann Security screen comes on the TV for about 15 seconds
The mouse button glows dull red with one bright red flash
The power light and mouse light go off and the TV screen goes blank
After a few seconds this process repeats and continues until I turn off the power to the DVR

Is there something that I am not doing correctly or do I have a faulty device?

3 replies

Hi @GraemeD,

We appreciate you reaching out to us.

Thank you for giving us a good description about your issue. It seems like your DVR is not booting up correctly. It is usually caused by insufficient power supply. If your DVR is connected to a surge protector or an extension cable try connecting it straight to a wall outlet. Also, please make sure that you are using the power adapter that came with the kit.

Hi RyanR,
Thank you for the helpful advice. You were correct about it being a power supply issue.
Three power adapters came with the kit and I had not noticed that the one I connected to the DVR has a small tag on the cable that reads "Camera Power Supply". This adapter has a power output of 1000mA whereas the output of the other two is 2000mA. I have now swapped the adapters and the system is working fine. Thanks again for your help.

You are most welcome. Feel free to create another post if you have any other questions about your Swann product!