DVR4-1600 shortcomings and faults. Email vs motion record sensitivity triggering. Push notifications. Email headers. PIR sense. Email intervals.

  • 17 November 2018
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Issues with latest firmware beta on DVR4-1600

Email triggering versus actual recording is inconsistent
  • Camera is dome PIR (the only dome PIR compatible with this unit) running in PIR and motion alarm setting
  • no masked areas, moving trees excluded from capture area on the ‘red square’ selection chart (partial sensitivity area)
  • camera highly susceptible to sunlight IR, sensitivity selection area chosen as a result.
  • Activity (IR motion, motion) will either result in either motion record or motion record and email alert. To receive the email alert, the camera seems to need more movement than movement that just triggers motion record ie. it doesn’t work without significant movement
  • as discussed there is no PIR only selection in alarm settings
  • email advice of camera recording is inconsistent, doesn’t always happen
  • there appears to be a separate setting which seems to be arbitrary or varying with alarm sensitivity
  • So emails send fine but between the original supplied cameras and the dome cameras, the original bullet cameras send on all record events (email interval considered) but the dome cameras don’t always.
Push notification
  • Are not efficient, requires connection to unit, switches from live view, fails to show triggering image, live view layout requires reconfig (latest HomeSafe)
Email Subject Line
  • make this custom ASAP. I only need to see Cam Alert ‘zone name’ not a whole line of junk...
  • add this ASAP!
PIR sense
  • as with the email thresholds, I would also like to see the PIR superimposed as a toggled option
Custom email interval for each camera
  • more than one camera alert in the same interval (can be over separate emails)
Major firmware updates are required immediately. I paid good money for these units and expect them to be performing better ASAP as I’ve had it for 1 year now.

looking forward to your prompt reply Swann team.

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