POE switch for NVR8580 with 5MP Thermal Sensing Cameras NHD-865MSB

  • 21 August 2019
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I need to buy a proper POE switch for powering 5 of the 8 cameras on this 8 channel system. This is mostly to shorten the long runs to these 5 cameras from the NVR (and it simplifies installation and attic runs).

I couldn't find the exact specs, so my questions are:

  1. Are these cameras active or passive POEs? (802.3af ?)
  2. What is a good 8 port poe switch to use that won't overpower the cameras?
  3. Do I need gigabit or is 10/100 just as good for this use?
  4. poe or poe+ ?
  5. What is the power requirements for these cameras exactly?
  6. Anything else to consider when buying or using the switch? (I realize I'll probably have to manually configure which is ok by me)
Thanks in advance!

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