NVW-485 Wi-Fi does not work in station mode

  • 27 March 2018
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Hi Everyone,

I have a Swann NVW-485 Wi-Fi HD Security System in a 2 storey double brick house with a concrete slab. I can't connect to all 4 cameras via AP mode (station connecting to cameras directly) so I changed it to station mode (cameras and NVR connect via my own access point/router).

Once I set it up so all 4 cameras are connected via AP mode, they work, record and the software indicates perfect reception to all 4 cameras. Then, for no reason, all 4 cameras disconnect approx. every minute or so for a few seconds, then automatically reconnect.

Essentially, I'm unable to use station mode, which is my only solution.

What would be the cause of this, knowing that they connected originally with good reception (as denoted by the WiFi indicator on the software). It seems to be a camera/station issue which needs a firmware update.

Any help, tips or trick would be greatly appreciated as I currently have a SSwann NVW-485 Wi-Fi HD Security System which will be going in the bin.


Best answer by MichaelC 4 April 2018, 03:10

Hi Harry,

You need to test the cameras in the AP mode. If the cameras do not drop out on AP mode, then the issue probably lies with your network, and not the recording system.
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Hi Harry,

You need to test the cameras in the AP mode. If the cameras do not drop out on AP mode, then the issue probably lies with your network, and not the recording system.
Hi Michael, Thanks for your reply.

I sorted this out over the weekend. Not too sure what was causing this, maybe the channel setting on the NVR and my AP.

Nonetheless, it's working fine now.

I connected all cameras in AP mode, then switched to station mode. Once the cameras started dropping off, I connected them via ethernet cable to the AP, and added them to the system. Once this was done, they were ok and have been stable for days.

I couldn't be happier, what a great system. The only improvements I'd suggest would be to allow the cameras to connect via different AP's, depending on their location.

Great work Swann.
You can get the cams to connect via a different WiFi hub. To do this you need to first cable connect to your hub/router. Then log in to the cam and input the credentials of the WiFi hub (SSID) you want it to use. Lastly, disconnect the cable and the cam should WiFi connect via the selected SSID.

What I want to know is how you are allowed to even sell this product. It doesnt work. I've spent over 100!!@!! hours tweaking this system every possible way. I resorted to Reolink software, because Swanns software has been reduced to nothing. I don't bother calling support anymore, because they are ABSOLUTELY clueless. This system is COMPLETELY unable to support Wifi. I doubt it would be able to support wired, but it doesn't have that option. I have one cameras antenna EIGHT FEET!!!!!!! away from the NVR and i cant hold a signal more than 3 hours a day, and that is broken into useless one minute intervals. I'm NOT AN IDIOT so don't try to sell me on calling your useless support. It's not a question of interference. It's just a COMPLETELY incompetent system that should have NEVER gone to market. WORSE YET, when I ask about the 485 system, I'm told that nothing is going to be done because there is a lack of demand to fix it!?!?!?!?! BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You need to change your'e motto because it is a blatant lie. I have NEVER encountered ANYTHING that is less user friendly than your products. I have wasted away over 100 hours trying to make this garbage work, only because I spent the money on them and it's not in my nature to give up. This Wifi NVR garbage is just that...............GARBAGE. It is just plain UNWORKABLE. I think you realize that. I think that is why you stripped the software options down to nothing and stopped offering software upgrades and support. I think you realize it's garbage and just want to be rid of it. I'm moving over to Reolink I think. At least they try.
10 FEET AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd buy some wire and complete the circuit but the damn NVR doesn't have ports on the back for that.......................GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 FEET AWAY and can't hold a Wifi signal. NO!!! it's not interference!!!
And............I tried switching to station mode too. Every time I do, I completely lose contact with my cameras and have to go play the hold the button game for each one. My blood pressure goes through the roof. It's amazing this GARBAGE hasn't given me a stroke yet.
I'm contacting the FTC. I know it's a waste of time because you are working on 3 or 4 generations later of garbage that doesn't work. I'm going to make the report anyway. You shouldn't be allowed to keep pumping out crap that doesn't work as advertised and then provide next to zero support for it.