• 4 August 2018
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Hi all new to this so please help i have just had installed the NVR-8580 great quality during the day but terrible night vision compared to my previous 7400 any help would be great thank you

6 replies

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Hi @paulhopkins

Welcome to the community!

I have to ask several questions in order for us to narrow down the issue.
1. Are the infrared lights turning on during night?
2. How’s the image during daytime?
3. Do you see your ceiling or wall close to the camera?
4. How many cameras are affected?
5. Did you extend the cable?

And could you please send us an image on what you are seeing during night time?
yes infrared sre on full two cameras no extended cables with my old system i could see right down the road

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Hi @paulhopkins

It has something to do where the camera is being pointed to.The infrared lights are just focused on the current area where you pointed the camera and it bounces on the right side of the road for picture number 2 , and left side for picture number 1..It would be better to move the angle to the left for picture number 2 and move it to the right for picture number 1 so that you will be able to see the road clearer during night time.
Thank you herbert great improvement also have added an ir illuminatror which has made a big difference as well thank you very much for your help