No email from one camera but other good

  • 26 October 2018
  • 2 replies

So I got the new PIR camera for my DVR-1600. Original supplied camera still sends email but the PIR one doesn't despite toggling option (in case of option toggle bug) latest beta release

2 replies

Hello, @saticon.

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To further isolate the issue about the PIR camera:

Can you see PIR on the live view?
May I know the model of the camera?
Also, the software version of the DVR under Menu>System>Info.

You can leave the cameras unplug and reboot the DVR.
Please set it to default under Menu>Advanced>Maintain>Load Default>click only Record and Alarm>click on Save.
When you go back to Advanced>Maintain>hit on Save/OK.
Please reboot the DVR under Menu>Shutdown>click Reboot. If it's up and running, please connect the cameras.
Then, set it up again for PIR&Motion under Menu>Alarm>enable PIR&Motion.

I hope this helps.
Ok, well ive been a bit busy hence my slow reply

Details are
Camera in question: SWPRO-1080MSD
Software is 7.1.0-20180126 . This seems to be the latest beta, when will it be a proper release?
Unit DVR4-1600
Yes, i can see PIR red box on the live view (so indicating detection)

I did try it but not in the correct order of operation.
I did a shutdown, pull out cameras and restart
I did a reset of the abovementioned configurations followed by a save.
I do not remember if i did it in the exact order prescribed...

Is this an issue other users of similar operating system configuration have experienced?

Do you think if i follow the sequence to the letter prescribed by you it might correct it as it is hampering my ability to detect movement. I purchased the PIR version camera so that the camera could better discriminate against actual movement of persons instead of just the trees but its only made the situation worse which is a bit disappointing.

It just doesnt make any sense since the other camera feeds send emails but the PIR one will only do push and it isnt as quick as looking at an email photo, one has to go through the unit remotely to see what is actually gone on during the detection event.

I'm guessing there is a setting not toggling correctly despite the visual switch toggling, hence the default setting config idea?

Cheers James