NHD-885MSFB - can't speak to the camera speaker

  • 2 December 2018
  • 27 replies

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27 replies

Hi @cooppan I got the NVR firmware from the Swann firmware download site (link below) and chose the 8 channel NVR8-8580 as mine has 8 channels which took me to Dropbox where the file could be downloaded.
I updated the SW to "V7.1.0-20180810" for NVR-16 8580. NOW, my new 4 SNHD-885MSFB intercom works. Just have to be patient. Still don't know WHY they require you to update it via USB drive. What's the purpose of the Auto Upgrade Check for update from internet? System should know to update to proper version. You need to HIRE new capable engineers.