Camera replacement

  • 2 August 2018
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I have a 4 camera system and one camera has failed, they are SWPRO-842CAM. Where can I buy a replacement and will any other IP65 models work?

3 replies

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Hi @Garybchurch,

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To further assist you, may we know the model number of the DVR that you are using for SWPRO-842cam? It is located underneath the receiver and usually starts with SW, SR, SO, WMT, DVR, or DVK.

Once you have it, please use our compatibility chart to know which cameras can be used as a replacement.
thankyou, I have a dvr8-4100 but can not see it on your list.
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Hi @Garybchurch,

Thank you for that information.

You can use DVR-4200 as your reference. Use the standard analog cameras and some of the tribrid HD cameras.

If you will use the tribrid cameras, you will need to lower down the resolution of the camera from 1080P to 960H before it will work on your DVR8-4100 which is 960H also.