App not working on 4g, works on Wifi fine

  • 4 December 2018
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See attached of software version

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There, it's outdated running the 2017 version. We may need to apply the latest firmware version to see if this will fix the remote access issue you're experiencing with the unit.

Below is a link on how to update the firmware of your recorder via the USB flash drive. Please follow the instructions accordingly.

How to manually update my recorder?​​​

To download the latest firmware version, there's a link on the instruction or you can click the link below and download the appropriate file for your unit which is the DVR8-4575.

2018 Firmware Update​​

Let me know your observation after applying the latest version. Hope this helps.🙂
if you look back at posts there’s a lot about this. i had exactly the same problem mine would work on wi fi from any house but not 4g. tried everything. eventually when the app was updated it started working and has ever since. not much help but would say it’s probably down to the app