Suitable base for mounting NHD-865MSB Camera

  • 29 January 2019
  • 3 replies

I have up to 8 of the NHD-865MSB cameras to mount around my home. Because they have a flying lead I have to accommodate the bulky waterproof RJ45 connection and the (unused) power connection. In some locations this will be difficult so I'm looking for a base that will work to accommodated the wiring and connections. Preferably not too big, along the lines of these ones but smaller to suit the size of the Swann camera:

I could go with a Clipsal or HPM junction box but something designed for a camera would be nice.

3 replies

Did you ever find a camera mount that works with the SWANN NHD865MSB that did not require modifications?
I ended up using the standard base from HikVision in my original post:

Hikvision DS-1280ZJ-XS Junction Mounting Base $18.00
Hikvision DS-1275ZJ Pole Mount Bracket $30.00

Prices from

The pole mount bracket was only needed in one place. They are a little bit on the large side but as I discovered this was necessary to accommodate the bulky RJ45 connection and the length of trailing cable.
Did the Junction Mounting base require you to drill and tap new holes to mount the Swann Camera?