WiFi Pan & Tilt Camera, setup without App?

  • 18 January 2019
  • 4 replies

My local hardware store has the Swann gear, and I decided to see if the HD WiFi Pan & Tilt version would fit in with the Hikvision cameras we already use for Live Streams.

I'm not interested in loading an app to control the camera. For starters, no one does apps for my BlackBerry phone anymore,... but also, because we want to be able to control the pan and tilt from within vMix.

Normally with these devices, there's an internal webpage to allow setup, does anyone know how to access it on this model - I found the IP address easy enough, but a time-out error in a browser window on the laptop.

Anyone have any idea on how to configure the camera WITHOUT using a phone app?

I did ask about proper specifications on Swann's facebook page, and got zero response.

4 replies

Okie, so I spotted this by chance and have to ask, Why Tha Frak ! isn't this front and center in the User Guide or the downloadable manual?

Oh, but, you need a router that will tell you the IP address to ad port 85 to, or an application like the Colasoft Mac Scanner.
Yup, ya need hackers tools..

Next hurdles, are getting rid of the password request when you open the RTSP stream directly, VLC has a popup to enter it, no idea on vMix.

Image wise, PTCAM seems reasonable, getting to hook to a network is a pain!

If the ethernet cable is plugged in, the camera doesn't show up an IP address for it's WiFi connection.
And it doesn't seem to allow connections to wifi networks that don't have connections to the internet.

So if you want to use a Swann PTCAM in a Live Streaming application like vMix or OBS, here's ya guide.

First find the camera's IP Address, either using the PC 'Swannview Link" software, or a Mac Scanner.

Add " :58 " to that for the webpage based interface.

Install VLC on your PC, and in the Preferences, set the Audio and Video output modules to use the "NewTek NDI Output.
Play a test video, anything will do.
Note! VLC will remain blank while playing files while set to the NDI outputs.

Go to Newteks website and download the free NDI Tools applications, install, and run the NDI Monitor. Give it a few seconds then under the right click dropdown you'll see a device with the name of your PC (as seen in the Control Panel - system applet)

Select that as your input, and you'll see what you're playing in VLC.

Stop playback in VLC, and go to Media -- Open Network Stream.
Type in " rtsp:// " - where you replace the xxx's with the cameras IP Address on your network.
Play the stream.
Enter the user name and password when VLC asks for it.

You should now see the incoming stream from the camera in the NDI Monitor.

Open vMix or similar, add the NDI Device the same as adding a NewTek Spark or similar.
(NDI Monitor does not have to be running for vMix to see the NDI input)

You now have your PTCAM (or other Swann camera) as an input source in your live streaming software.

Yeah, awkward, other brands you can turn off the passwords, and just enter the rtsp stream in to the vMix or OBS software and get streaming.
New wrinkle,... Camera set to 1080 or 720, at 25fps,... and vMix sees 59.94./

Recorded files appear to be 24fps?
@ Swann Techos - Who wants to tell me how to lock the frame rate of the PTCAM to the frame rate chosen in the app/web browser/swannview link software?

I've got it set to 25fps, but looking at the frame rates in the files, and what's being sent over the network, the frame rate is ramping up and down to control the exposure, rather then staying at the chosen frame rate and changing the gain/electronic shutter speed.