SafeBySwann 1.7.7 - Will configurable detection zones be coming to the app?

  • 20 August 2019
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I raised this in a separate topic, but despite 50+ views there was no response from Swann.
Maybe a more direct topic will get an answer?

There are a number of features that are seriously missing from the Safe by Swann app and are frustrating me to the point that I'm considering selling up and getting a different system.

This post is concerning motion detection zones.

I have 2 x SWWHD-OUTCAM WiFi cameras.

Several competing systems, as well as a number of *free* IP streaming camera management tools (such as the one I run on my Gen1 Raspberry Pi to monitor my 3D printer called motionEye), offer users the ability to configure motion detection zones. Or more specifically, to set areas to ignore.

I am currently getting hundreds of notification a day as my back garden camera is detecting moving bushes and trees.
I need to crank the sensitivity up as I want to detect movement near a shed about 20m away as well as the nearby back door.
A small tree in the foreground of the image causes almost constant false alarms.
All I need to be able to do is say "ignore anything in this Pixel range" and the whole things is solved.

I have a similar issue in the front where general road traffic will also trigger the camera.
Not a frequently, but if a lorry goes past then I get an activity alert.

These cameras are supposed to have heat & motion "True Detect" sensing.
Please explain how a flapping tree or a lorry is triggering the heat sensor that is supposed to be intelligent enough to only detect people?!

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