INTCAM: Maximizing Battery Performance

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The length of time your camera can operate on a full charge depends on a myriad of factors, such as how frequently you use it for live video streaming, how frequently motion activity is detected, the wireless connection quality, as well as the local environmental conditions.

Here are some simple and practical tips to get more battery life out of your camera:
  • Make sure your camera’s firmware is the latest version.
  • Limit the amount of time (no more than a few minutes a day) streaming live video from your camera when you want to prioritize battery life.
  • Your camera will last longer when you stream at a lower resolution. The fewer pixels that your camera has to stream, the less power it uses.
  • Lower the motion sensor sensitivity or turn off the motion sensor to conserve battery life if you don’t need to monitor for activity, for example, when everyone’s home.
  • Make sure your camera is properly positioned to eliminate any false motion triggering. The more events the camera records, the faster the battery life will drain. Adjust your camera angle downward so its field of view is focused only on the immediate area of concern and excludes as much background activity as possible. If placed outdoors, avoid spots where your camera will be directly exposed to sunlight during the day. Also, take note of shiny surfaces in the vicinity, such as house or car windows, which can reflect sunlight and set off the motion sensor.
  • Going away for a short trip? Give your camera a full charge the night before.
  • As a general rule, the nearer your camera is to your router, the better the wireless connection quality and battery performance. Your camera will work harder and use more power trying to maintain wireless connection the further it is away from your router. (Note: Physical obstructions in your home such as brick walls and metal frames can also interfere and degrade the Wi-Fi signal.)
  • If your camera has poor Wi-Fi reception where it is located, consider installing a Wi-Fi range extender, or if you've have an older router, upgrade to a current generation high performance router— either option is an effective way of increasing the Wi-Fi coverage range and boosting the Wi-Fi signal in and around your home, which can help to improve your camera's battery life.
  • Your camera can operate over a wide temperature range, however, in freezing conditions, the battery discharges more quickly and will not hold a charge for as long as it normally would in more moderate climates.

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I bought the two camera package and a top of the line ($250.00) router to monitor my special needs daughter and our new pool. One camera is in a bedroom and one is outside no more than 10 feet from the router. Even with all the settings on low and motion off, I can't get the battery life on these cameras to last more than 2 days. If I hadn't thrown away the box in excitement I would definitely return them and install a wired system. Very disappointing.