firmware V1.4.8 problems

  • 28 July 2019
  • 4 replies

SWWHD-FLOCAM will not record or detect motion after firmware update V1.4.8 is there a fix for this or should I just return the floodlight cam thanks Norman

4 replies

I too am having the same issue. Live view works fine. All other functions work fine however the camera is no longer detecting motion or recording activity. Is there a fix or firmware update yet?
At least your cameras are still working, v1.4.8 has bricked my unit, just does a continual boot loop. Good luck getting support, Swann appear to be totally useless. (apart from being quick at deleting comments which highlight how inept they are)
Hey everyone, I just purchased the device and after firmware upgrade to latest version also stopped triggered motion to be recorded. Has anyone contacted support?
I power cycled my camera and that resolved my issues. I also have updated to firmware 1.5.0 today with no issues.