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  • 22 October 2018
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I have not been able to find how to activate my email alerts for activity. Seeing some related issues with gmail, yahoo etc. but not the basics on how to set up. Please send me some instructions. Many thanks, Ange

6 replies

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Hi @Angelika Ziehrl

Welcome to the community.

To better assist you, may we know the model number of the product that you possess? The model number usually starts with SW or SR.
Thank you - its simply a 1080p HD WiFi Camera I am beginning to think that option may not be available? It does not state outdoor or indoor either. I don't have it with me as it is already mounted. Thanks
Sorry, although does not state indoor or outdoor looks like a SWWHD-INTCAM.
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Hi @Angelika Ziehrl

Thank you for providing the model sorry for the late response.

The INTCAM doesn't have a Email alert feature.

What it does is to notify you once a motion is detected via Push notification that will depends on your phone settings.
Normally, it is automatic once you installed the app.
However, some phone might have separate settings for applications notification under Application manager.

Hope this helps.
Hello and many thanks for your reply. I now have push notification working!

Thanks again
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Hi @Angelika Ziehrl

Awesome! we are happy to hear that.

Please don't hesitate to create a new post if you need further assistance.

Thank you and have a great day!