UID login not working

  • 19 May 2019
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My NVR UID login no longer works, I can only access the box using a domain name or IP address which is kinda useless when you're trying to view the cams remotely.

Is there an issue at this time?

4 replies

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Hi! Good day @guidetousing,

Welcome to the community!

For us to answer your concern could you please provide us the model number of the unit that you have? The model number is located underneath the receiver/camera and usually starts with SW, SR, SO, WMT, DVR, NVR, DVK or NVK.

Could you also send that UID/Device ID to me via private message.

For the mean time you may also try checking the connectivity of your DVR to your router/modem, If the system is well connected to the network modem/router you may try rebooting the DVR and your router/modem, then try to close and re-open the application from your phone again to test.

Will be waiting for your response.
Hi Marc,

Have sent the UID as requested.

The model is NVR-470 and it definitely can connect to the internet, the required ports are open and I can connect to it with the public IP via WAN.

I have also rebooted the NVR and router multiple times though no success.

I changed the DNS settings to test but no success either.
I have same issue can view cameras over IP domain but not p2p when I away from the house just get login failed all the time l.
any update to this? UID not working at all. DVR8-3425