Swann Server Down Again?

  • 18 August 2019
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Is Swann server down? My login failed

32 replies

It's looking that way as I have the same problem was working yesterday fine but now just getting the same login failed
Same problem here. I just got my Swann system set up a few days ago. Login via app has been working great until today. How often does the server go down?
I also cannot login from my app, "login failed" error. Im assuming there server is down again? My app was working fine all day yesterday.
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Thank you all for your reply. Everything went down at 3:30am this morning. Login failed. I unplugged, rebooted twice still not working.. I did contact Swann tech support. They told me to contact the big tech support. I never heard of big tech support. Tech support is tech support, they should know how to solve the problem.
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@Lonis @chrisy76115 @CGLynch @TD4169 , edit your posts with the country you reside in to see if there is a common link..
I live in Australia. There is no problem here.

Do you mean that you cannot view your cameras remotely over the cellular network or WiFi?

If my home internet goes down, as it frequently does, I can still use my Swann HomeSafe View app over WiFi at home.
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Yes cannot view remotely from cellular or WiFi. Spoke with tech support, they ran a test. My DVR is offline. Gotta call them back to troubleshoot.
Same in San Francisco, CA USA. Was fine yesterday, but Sunday Aug 18, 2019 not able to login from SwannView app to view remotely. DVR plugged into tv still works and can view dvr playback as usual.
Several months ago it was the West Coast. Vegas here. Same issue as before. Who knows when they’ll get it fixed this time. 😞
Down for me since Sunday after 12am in Texas. Wondering how long it'll be down this time? Had been working fine before then.
Same issue here.... both aps I have for the CCTV fail on log-in attempts.
Im UK based
Shocking service from IT 1st level support.
Called in the issue expecting them to inform of a global server issue (given how many of us reporting the same issue and timeline)... Oh no, lost of obv basic trouble shooting steps and no forthcoming info other than, ‘here is your case number - will will send you an Email’.
CS, just had a inability to do anything off script... like listen!
NB. System is taking to Email server just fine. It’s THERE server that’s the problem!
I'm in Australia and can't log in either. Looks their server's down again!
Anyone seen an update on this yet??
Anyone seen an update on this yet??
Nothing back from Support, but I’m up and running again this morning 👍🏻
Still down here in TX
Servers back running for me
@Techtasic I'm in the UK too did you do anything to get back online or did it just happen?
My DVR still isn't connecting to the app.
@Techtasic I'm in the UK too did you do anything to get back online or did it just happen?
My DVR still isn't connecting to the app.

Ok nevermind it works now, what I did was I set up swanns free ddns service on my cameras and now they work! Hope this helps.
Is Swann server down? My login failed

Mine down also. My neighbor also cannot see cameras remotely.

Whats at issue?
Mine has been down since monday, I can view on tv but cannot view link on any smart device. Anyone have answers yet?
Is it working now?? Mine started working yesterday but are down again today. WTH
Ok. I got my NVR back online... I spent 35 minutes with online support, of which I will never get those minutes back in my life (horrible). Then I called into support. Stumped Chen the support guy. Did all the troubleshooting again. Same thing. Then I decided to uncheck ddns. Reboot (like the 9th time today) And sure as it’ll be, I could connect. Support says it doesn't show connected. They’ve escalated my case. They said I was the first customer to call in with issues. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.
My home in SC cannot connect. My home in Ireland can connect.
Oops ! My turn now ! Can't view remotely. But i still get the push notifications and emails notification.