Swann Customer Dissapointed

  • 13 August 2019
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After buying a DVR and 4 camera's and a DP720 doorbell , the DVR was fine but just like the doorbell Support gets attitude when they realise there software is slow and the delay in motion recording is pointless so 24/7 recording only option
doorbell doesnt do 24/7 recording so your stuck at 1min which is no good trying to catch anyone night vision is horrible and pixelates movement had to use LED light so daytime mode used as the NV degrades the video , the app is buggy and has to be shutdown multiple times , opening the door pretty much faster

  • sensitivity keeps reseting to high even though its set to low so your phone is loaded with alerts due to high setting , which some seem to be having same problem
  • Support said try other devices I have , Informed them that the other devices show the same apps at fault not other devices ,
  • Then they said broadband was at fault , Stated that the Fibre optic broadband was unlimited speed /usage , was told that " they have heard this before , and callers has lied about there speeds"
  • Ethernet Tested SwannBuzz_v1.3.0.APK in BlueStacks ...works as a Desktop work around ... Just as slow as the App on a phone , so Device or network problems isnt the issue , Its the app it's self thats slow and buggy not hardware they wont admit or fix
  • When they say they will pass it onto EMAIL SUPPORT that means there not interested and hope you give up and go away
  • Door Bell was hardwired with a 10w10ohm Resistor using a 12v 1-2a , cable length 3 meters cable Trickle charges the Battery
  • POWER SAVING MODE LOCKOUT - To come out of power saving mode push the door bell then open the app when it pops up and go into settings and disable power save ( this works because when pressed the bell goes into live mode then timesout back to powersave/lock mode) ... had to work this out myself
  • Multiple Users Buzz - Dont create Multiple email accounts for buzz you only need to sync once then use same email just different username , rename when the next user installs the app

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