Live feed freezes

  • 13 July 2018
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I have the home-safe view app on my windows computer on my second screen, and on my main screen if i full screen an application the live feed on the second monitor freezes, the timer will still count down and switch camera views but the video is frozen, I've tried running an additional graphics card solely for the second monitor but that doesn't help. So I've came to the conclusion that the application, thinks because I've full screened another app, it thinks i can no longer see the live feed so it freezes to spare me its load on the cpu. OR .... its a bug and im over thinking this. So if there is a way how could i fix it. Thanks

4 replies

Hi @Carbon,

Welcome to the Swann Community!

To better assist you with your inquiry, please give us the model number of your Swann device.

The model number is usually found on the Swann sticker on the base or bottom of the product. Look for the model number sequence, commonly starting with 'SW' or 'SR'.

Have you tried just opening and using the software on a single monitor? Does the issue happen still?

It is the 3k series - 5mp 8 channel, that's all it says on the box and unit. Probably SWDVK-849808-US i'm not sure.
It works fine with a single monitor.
I'm only running a single monitor right now so i cant tell if the issue happens still.
Hi Carbon,

Thank you for the reply.

You have an 8-channel 4980 recorder. I'm glad that it's working fine on a single monitor. If using another monitor triggers the issue, that may mean that it has something to do with how your computer handles some applications when running two separate monitors.

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