Issue when attempting to upgrade subscription

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Try hitting the Update Plan button (Android app) and you arrive at this page:

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Hi mikeyo,

Thank you for letting us know. We'll check on this.
@JohnL On this subject, it'd be great if the app let utilise our own cloud storage. Many people have Google Drive or Dropbox for example. I have a terabyte of space with Google Drive and the thought of having to pay for additional cloud storage with Swann doesn't sit well with me.

I mean, it's just storage - what's so special about Swann's cloud services that other cloud services aren't an option? Or is this something that is planned for a future update?
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Hi mikeyo,

I was informed that one of our future products will have option to save on Dropbox, not sure with this camera. If there will be, it'll be posted here or on website.
This is still happening - getting simply this as the response on iOS app:


Can you please fix this as there's limited value in a camera that can't store images offsite.
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Hi everyone,

Could you try re-pairing the cameras to your account? No need to unpair them, just go straight to Pair Camera and do the same setup you did for the first time then try the subscription again.
I see you fixed this issue - kudos.

Though the storage price is crazy expensive. Backing up 3 cameras is going to cost me $224 per year (roughly $80 more than what it costs for a terabyte of Google Drive storage or a terabyte of a Dropbox Plus storage) and you're only offering a measly 5GB. Comparitively speaking a terabyte of Swann storage would cost in area of $44,800 per year 🙂

I implore you to reconsider this pricing model. It is prohibitively expensive and could discourage those who might need it the most - and especially as I've mentioned in another post that most people already have cloud storage (Google gives you 15GB for free) and there are sooooo maaannnnny 3rd party apps that let you use Google, Dropboxes and Microsoft's APIs to utilise their respective cloud storage services. It'd be great if the Swann Safe app did the same.

My gut feeling here is - and I could be totally wrong - is that Swann should be focused on delivering quality products and applications, and leave the cloud storage game to the pioneers like Google, Microsoft and Dropbox etc. And let us utilise the cloud storage we already have.

Anyhoo, I'd love to be proven wrong with a convincing argument as to why Swann's measly 5GB of cloud storage is so special to justify the insane pricing.