Cameras not detecting motion and recording

  • 4 September 2018
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I have a swan Dr 4890 four camera system .
My cameras have stopped detecting motion and are therefore not recording for security purposes.
Manual record works .
This may have happened since I updated the software some two weeks ago , I notice that nothing has recorded on any of my cameras since then.
Can anyone suggest how I fix this .

4 replies

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Hi @zBtc194,

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First, you must be referring to the DVR 4980( you may re-check the model number though)? Next, you mentioned that you have updated the software, what is the current version now? The best practice to do every after Firmware update is to load back the default factory settings of the DVR then, format the HDD. This should guarantee that the update will take effect.

If you have already tried all of those and it is still not recording or detecting motion, you can try to adjust the sensitivity.

Higher number is to increase the sensitivity
Setup Area is to select the are within the Video where the cameras will be triggered to record. Doing so will lessen the chance that the camera will detect false triggers.

Hope this helps!
How do I load back factory settings
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From the Main Menu, got to Advanced > Maintain tab > Load Default button and select All.
Thanks for the advice , that's all useful information as I'm a relatively new user.
While I was trying to sort this problem I went on to live chat on the swan website help but this proved frustrating and I gave up waiting for a reply , I tried phoning next and spoke to a very helpful gentleman, who advised checking time zone settings , all ok , then alarms , jackpot , the update must have turned off the motion detection , a simple click to turn it on and copy to all my channels.
Pproblem sorted. Thanks for your help