Why is this happening?

Intermittent dropouts in recording as shown in the skips on the timeline. How do I fix it?
It happens on all channels but in different areas of the timeline. Not all in sync.

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Hi @Duke56

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Recording time on the unit might be affected by several factors.
To better assist you with this, may I know the model number of your unit?

The model number is usually located on the Swann sticker on the based of the unit. It can also be found on the top of the packaging box. It commonly start with "SW", SR', 'CO', DVR' or 'NVR'.

Thank you and have a great day.
Hi Erick,
The model is NVR-8580-8
Here is another photo with all 4 channels doing it.

It appears to me as if there is a HDD, Power Supply or network problem between the cameras and the NVR. Not all channels do it at the same time. Is my unit failing? If it is a POE problem then can an external power suppply be used instead to test if that is the issue and if so what would the specs be. Also, when I view in “Live” mode the audio drops out intermittently if I try to use “Mainstream”. The audio issue is more than likely a home network bandwidth problem that I did not have before.
Any ideas Erick?
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Hi @Duke56

Checking the model of your system it might be something to do with the settings of the system.

From checking the information about the system it shows that the unit is set to motion detection.
Recording on motion detection will let the DVR record when motion is detected by the camera. So it only save video that has triggered the motion and part of the day that has no movement will not show any recordings.

Try to check the Menu> Record>Record Schedule then check the time setting your system has and what is the color showing on the grid.

Thank you have a great day!
You might have something there. If I recall I set the system to record 24 hours a day and may also have set some motion sensitivity alerts which now makes no sense if I’m recording 100%. At the time I thought I would record everything and get an alert remotely if there were any motion. Apparently this might be a conflict when recording full time? If so, can it be fixed? It would be nice to be able to get an alert on my phone and be confident that the activity was recorded with no delays because I’m recording full time. I will try turning off all motion settings and see what happens.
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Hi @Duke56

Sure, try that first then have check if the record schedule of the NVR is set to motion or normal.

Thank you have a great day!
OMG! I turned off all motion alerts and changed recording time to be 24 hours each day (Normal/Green boxes) and now it looks like this....

It got WORSE!
No ideas?
This is terrible!
Hi @Duke56

Sure, try that first then have check if the record schedule of the NVR is set to motion or normal.

Thank you have a great day!

No answers?? What gives? Where did you go?
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Hi @Duke56

May i ask what are the changes made to the settings?

Here are some steps to try.

Go to Menu>Record>record schedule> you can change the recording to normal recording.(the color of the bars must green and yellow.) Note: setting the system to normal recording will consume more disk space.

Next, Go to Alarm then change sensitivity to 6 or 7 (depends on preferences) and check motion area for area you wanted to have motion detected.

Hope this helps

Thank you have a great day!
I have all motion alarms disabled.
I set to record all channels on normal, green squares, 24 hours.
Still drops out.
I disconnected 1 camera from the NVR.
It appears as though doing that caused 2 channels to stop recording and the other 2 had almost no dropouts at all.
This appears to me that either the NVR is defective OR the power supply is going bad or both.
I plugged the camera back in after being disconnected for several hours and it looked as though everything was good but later that day the dropouts reappeared.
The problem is getting worse by the day.
Is there any way to get a replacement power supply to test if that is the issue?
Any other ideas?
What are the specs for the power supply?
Please help solve this
I’ve just noticed a pattern here as well.
The dropouts appear to start around the same time each day?
What would cause THAT?
Noise on our electrical lines to our house?
Something in our house causing the.noise?
Magnetic interference being picked up on the POE cables outside?
Are the cameras sensitive to noisy power?
I’m convinced that this issue is related to either “dirty” power being supplied to our home, or the factory supplied Switching power supply is defective or substandard or both.
The dropouts I am seeing look EXACTLY like when you perform a “Reboot IPC”.
There is no alarm generated for “Video ͏Lo͏s͏s” but the cameras simply stop recording for short periods of time. Another mysterious symptom is that it happens much more often in the afternoon to early evening hours on a daily basis. I have nothing set to do anything at any specific time other than “normal” record full time 24/7 and overwrite HDD Auto.
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We apologized for the late response. To confirm the concern, you have already set the unit to Normal/continuous recording however, there are some gaps that show up on the playback screen.

Gap or drop out might be cause by either settings or camera offline during that time.

For us to further assist you, please allow us to get the following information.

-Screenshot of record schedule set on the system, Alarm settings.
-Firmware of the NVR.
Go to Menu >System>Info then check software version.
-May we know the length of the cable used on the camera?
-Are any electrical line close to the cable of the camera?
-Did you have any power failure during the time of the gap?
-Did you extend the cable of the camera?
-When you try to do the playback on the main menu of the NVR does it look the same?
-Screenshot of record schedule set on the system, Alarm settings.
I know what the settings are.....
Record schedule is programmed for Normal, 24 hours per day.
No alarms are set. They are all disabled.

-Firmware of the NVR.
Go to Menu;System;Info then check software version.
I am not at the NVR right now. What is the latest version?

-May we know the length of the cable used on the camera?
Factory length supplied with the system on ALL 4 cameras

-Are any electrical line close to the cable of the camera?

-Did you have any power failure during the time of the gap?
No, this happens on a daily basis at random times but more frequently in the late afternoon.

-Did you extend the cable of the camera?
No, Factory length cables are used on ALL 4 cameras

-When you try to do the playback on the main menu of the NVR does it look the same?
NVR Software (Firmware version is V7.1.0-20180723)

And now a new development......
Audio stops when using Live View and I need to perform a “Reboot IPC” to get it functioning again.
Anybody there?
This really is getting ridiculous.
A security system that doesn’t work really isn’t a security system now is it?
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@Duke56 Checking the version of your system , it is not yet updated to update you system we would suggest to call our tech line. Here is the link to our Swann Support Line.

Best prepare a USB stick of 32GB or below and a computer for our technicians to assist you with the update.

Thank you have a great day!
Doesn’t “Check Update” work? It says my NVR is up to date.
Here’s the latest development.
The blue light on front of NVR now blinks rapidly and continuously and performance is almost non existent. A very poor excuse for a “Security” system. Criminals would LOVE their targets to have one of these knowing they don’t work half the time.

I watched the live view on the monitor attached directly to the NVR and the cameras go offline a lot as shown by the white space in the record timelines. This unit seems to have severe defects as others that have the blinking blue light syndrome. I want a replacement ASAP or a refund. My unit is not even 1 year old.
And audio hardly works now too. How can you legally sell this to people as a “Security” system?
Well, the saga continues. I called tech support on 2 different occasions and twice I get what sounds like a scripted checklist of standard questions to ask and none of them resolved this issue. Still get skips in recording timeline. The second “tech” requested that I format the hard drive. I explained to him that I had video clips that I had saved via remote playback on my iPad and that I wanted to back them up first. He told me that I cannot backup them up and that all the files will be deleted. I tried to tell him “No, I can backup the captured clips first using my iPad to select them and NOT THE MAIN MENU DIRECT FROM THE NVR because the NVR will not list those clips nor can you go back in time using the search function and calendar on the MAIN MENU.” He told me that “You can’t do that because your settings are set to overwrite the files when full”. I went on to explain the the captured clips are a separate file that the NVR won’t list when using the MAIN MENU direct on the NVR and their software won’t allow it and I need to do it from my iPad”. He said, “Go ahead, get your iPad, it’s not going to work.” I hung up on the idiot, got my iPad, backed up the clips I wanted, formatted the hard drive as suggested and guess what? SOS. I still have the same problem. As I suspected, formatting the HDD would not solve the problem and would have caused me to lose all my data unless I backed it up first. So much for tech support knowledge from SWANN. A terrible waste of time. I purchased a replacement surveillance quality HDD and will try that next. If that doesn’t solve the issue then I will salvage the HDD, trash the NVR and use the cameras on a different brand and put the word out to steer clear of SWANN products.
I replaced the hard drive and formatted it.
Set only channel 1 to record full time and guess what?
Same issue. Will not record continuously. Skips in timeline.

My NVR8-8580 is garbage. Totally worthless for use as a security system if it cannot perform full time.
I will be contacting Swann to get an RMA for a full refund and go shopping for a different brand.
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Hi @Duke56 ,

I am very sorry for the poor experience you have had so far.

Looking at the thread history, there could be the case for a few different potential hardware faults here. Updating the recorder is just to make sure that we have not encountered any previously corrected issues.

Since you're going to contact us anyway, I'll forward your case to our Escalations team to more thoroughly investigate the cause of the issue and the potential solutions.