No power to NVR cameras ?

  • 24 December 2017
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I have a Swann NVR8-7082 with all 8 NHD 806 cameras, build number 1025 GA 2.1 and I have had this system since 2015.

My display screen is now showing all cameras as Video Loss.

I have carried out reboots, the usual unplugging EVERYTHING and it does not rectify my issue.

What I have noticed is that when I connect the system to the wall power socket, all the lights at the 8 ports for the camera inputs at the back of the NVR box flash for a second and then go out.

Normally the lights are usually all on at the ports on the back.

I have a steady Green, Red and Blue light on the front of the NVR box. So power is getting to the box and my connected screens, but no power to any cameras and the infra red lights on each camera are not lit either.

The only thing I have not yet done is a complete system restore.

I have logged a case with Swann, but being the holiday period, I expect no help for a while.

Has anyone any suggestions please ?

15 replies

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Hi 152bobby,

Welcome to the community!

Could you try to connect your cameras one by one and see when will the lights at the back turn off? There could be a cable that became faulty causing harm to other cameras.
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Ok, I have tried that and that makes no difference. However, when doing this I also tried unplugging EVERY cable again and when I unplug the PoE power cable I notice that the green light on the inline power box comes on, but when I plug the PoE cable back into the rear of the NVR box the green light goes out.

So does this indicate that the cable for the power that plugs into the PoE port on the rear of the NVR box is faulty and if so, how do I get one asap ?

As mentioned I have logged this with Swann Support, but my fault has not been assigned an agent yet, but I have been editing what I have done with additional notes, so that when someone does look at my case, they will have an idea what is going on.

Thanks again for your help.
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Looks like it's the PoE power cable that's faulty, replacement ordered.

I hope it is this and not something more costly.
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Hi 152bobby,

When you say PoE power cable, are you referring to the Ethernet cable connected to your cameras or just power adapter of the unit. This is just for me to take note of.
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It's not the power cable that provides power to the NVR box, it's the cable that plugs into the socket on the rear of the NVR marked PoE, which I assume provides power to all my cameras.

I had a job and a half trying to explain this to the Swann Technical person on the phone, who I think was in the US (I'm in the UK).

She said that this cable is easily available from a electrical store....not in the UK , I even tried Maplins in the UK where I bought it from and who still sell Swann products. You would have thought I walked in with a meteor, as they did not have a clue and had never seen one.

I am talking to a person at Swann UK and hopefully will be able to get me this cable asap.
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Hi 152bobby,

I see what you mean now. That power adapter is rare to find due to its type of connector. If you already contacted someone from UK for a replacement, then all we need to do is wait.
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Why on Earth do companies use such non generic cable connectors !!! Especially when the company themselves have difficulty in sourcing them easily !!!

Another item for me to remember come upgrade time.....check every cable and connector for generic compatibility in case I need a replacement !!!
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If anyone knows where I can buy/source one of these PoE power cables or has any ideas, please let me know.

If I cannot get one, then my whole 8 camera NVR system is useless.

Worst scenario, does anyone know of any other Swann NVR boxes (or other manufacturers) that are compatible with my NHD-806 cameras ?
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For example the unit mentioned below. I do notice that it does not have a PoE power socket, so I'm assuming that power gets to the cameras via the power from the NVR unit !!

There are a few of these out there, if I look hard enough.

Swann NVR8-7285 8 Channel 1080p 2TB NVR
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Heard back from Swann UK and they have confirmed that they cannot get hold of this cable from anywhere, including the US and Australia.

Only possible option now is to buy another NVR unit, as all my cameras are working fine.

Luckily my cameras are forward compatible with most of the newer Swann NVR units, so I have ordered a Swann NVR8-7400 with 2 TB of hard drive.

Hopefully this will outlast my existing cameras and it will be easier to source the newer NVR cameras, if needed, as mine are getting harder to source.

Pretty shocking that just after 2 years of purchasing my existing system from a well known UK high street shop, there are no parts available !!!!

I did get the impression that the cable design was "unique" in the first place and Swann was happy to see the back of it and brought out a newer one.

So, an unexpected expensive post Xmas expense for a faulty cable solution !!
Found one if you need it I have the same problem bought a new unit and then found this from the place I bought my new unit:
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A very good find, but too late....shame.
I realise I'm a little late with this but for future reference for others, it would be easy enough for an electronics tech to change the plug & socket to something generic and replace the cable even, and that would be a fraction of the cost of a new unit.
While I'm here I must say I'm amazed that you could not find one seeing it is a generic audio style plug called a 2 pin canon, they are used for microphones etc all over the world and readily available from lots of suppliers, here is one in the US
The most common is the 3 and 4 pin ones, but hey the new system is brand new! So hopefully no breakdowns and now you have spare cameras as well, win win.
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I could not find one and Swann UK also had no luck. They even rummaged around their office desk drawers and still came up blank.

However, they were helpful and at least tried.