New to cctv. NVR 8580

  • 20 January 2019
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Hello All

ive just purchased an 8 camera NVR 8580

in playback I can view the detections off the camera but I want it to record all the time.
What am I doing wrong.
What setting do I need to change so it records all the time and shows motion as well.


1 reply

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Hi @j4ymf,

Welcome to the community!

By default the record setup is in motion. To change the record setup of your cameras to constant recording, you'll have to change the Record-Schedule to Normal. To do this, please see the step below:

  1. Go to Menu> Record-Schedule.
  2. Clear the Yellow on the grids by Click & Drag.
  3. Click Normal, fill the grids with Green by Click & Drag.
  4. Click Save.
You'll have to do the same step for the other cameras or you can click Copy to set the same setting for the rest of the camera.
To learn more information about the Record-Schedule, please check Page 56 on the manual below.

User Manual

I hope this helps.