Dropbox cloud storage connection and sync resolutions - Observations

Hi support,
I've observed that if the "Mainstream" recording resolutions are changed the sync connection to the Dropbox Cloud storage is disconnected. It can only be restored if the Cloud Storage setting is disabled (then press save), then re-enabled (then press save again).

I also observed that the dropbox images are saved at different resolutions based on the currently selected "Recording Mainstream resolution". My observations are recorded for the community's interest below:

  • 1920x1080 Mainstream resolution = Dropbox snapshot (1920 x 1080 - roughly 1Mb image)
  • 2304x1296 Mainstream resolution = No dropbox output ??
  • 2048x1520 Mainstream resolution = Dropbox snapshot (2048 x 1520 - roughly 800Kb image)
  • 2592x1520 Mainstream resolution = Dropbox snapshot (640 x 480 - roughly 60Kb image)
  • 2592x1944 Mainstream resolution = Dropbox snapshot (640 x 480 - roughly 40Kb image)
As mentioned, each time I changed the resolution for testing the dropbox output I had to turn the cloud storage setting off, then on again to allow the images to sync with dropbox. It should be noted that the snapshots were still being saved locally on the NVR, it simply loses its ability to sync to the cloud after changing the resolution.

I now prefer to keep my 5MP camera's recording at 1080P (1920x1080) because I like the fact the dropbox image is then being saved at 1080P also.😁

It would be nice to have a setting to select the resolution of the images saved to dropbox. It's unusual that the size of the snapshot at 5MP is saved to dropbox at 640x480. 😉

Testing platform:
  • NVR - NVR8-8580 (Firmware V7.1.0-20180125)
  • Cameras - NHD-865 (Firmware V6.1.3.4_171220)
  • Tests performed on channel 3

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Just to bump this, I seem to be getting 1280 x 720 pics in dropbox for everything, this is on an NVR8-8580 with 4K cameras, some set to 4k @ 15fps and some set to 2592 x 1520 @ 25fps (because I prefer smoother motion). Both settings result in 720p screen grabs on dropbox so I'd echo what Cheeseguy says really and question the usefulness of the feature.

I hate to be a cynic but it feels very much like somebody from marketing wanted to be able to say it did cloud storage and the devs just had to rush something through so the magic word ("Cloud') went on the packaging / advert.

Also, I was playing with the "Capture" part of the menu because I thought I could set it so take a snapshot every minute and upload to dropbox even without motion alerts. Seems the captures don't go to the cloud, but I can't find where they are going to. Anyone know? Not that it's much use if it's local as the full res video is local anyway.
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Hey Mr Cheeseguy,

Thanks very much for that mate! Excellent, well laid out feedback. Much appreciated. :)

Our Testing team is looking into this at the moment.
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So I've found out why this is, and it's related to how the recorder processes the images.

The limit appears to be 3MP for the snapshots. Therefore, with the 5MP cameras, once you go past the 3MP resolution, the camera will fall back to the substream for the snapshots. The NHD-865 only provides a mainstream, default 5MP, and a substream, default (and max) VGA.

Now, with the NHD-885 cameras (4K), there is a bit of a difference. These cameras have an additional stream, the mobile stream. So, the main stream is 4K for recording, the substream is 1080P for display and snapshots, and the mobile stream is sub-VGA (640x360 IIRC) for mobile and internet streaming. That's how you get your 1080P snapshot while preserving your main stream resolution.
Swann...any chance that the software can be fixed to allow high res email snapshots when I’m using 5MP resolution?

The latest 2018 firmware for the NVR8-8580 only sends 640x480 snapshots when recording mainstream on 2592x1944.

I currently have to lower the resolution to 2048x1520 to give me the desired outcome but it defeats the purpose of me buying your 5MP system in the first place.

Thank you for looking into this Michael!
Unless the 5MP cameras could support mobile stream in the future with a camera firmware update, I will have to use my work around for the moment.

Until of course I can get me some 4K cameras...which is hard since I just bought the 5MP units.

Any chance you had a look at the dropbox sync issue?
It appears in the latest NVR firmware V7.1.0-20180601 the dropbox issue is finally resolved. No more sporadic null uploads. However, I also noticed that high res workaround I had discovered for the dropbox images has been plugged up. Now all recording resolutions for the mainstream will result in 640x480 low quality dropbox backup.

Whilst I like the fact that dropbox sync has been resolved and various other small bugs have now been rectified, I am disappointed that I have no way to backup a high quality image to dropbox. If thieves end up taking my NVR (because some are realise this is a good thing to do), then I have no way of identifying them in the low quality image in my dropbox.

Leaves customers with the question, "What's the point of the dropbox backup then?"

Just a thought. Perhaps I have a setting wrong?