Channel alias for playback, email and push alerts

Is there a way to show the custom channel "name" in the playback section as well as email/push alerts?

For instance, if I named CH1 as Front door, I would like the drop down options in playback to show Front door rather than CH1.

Other NVR vendors allow this and they use this name to send the mobile app PUSH alerts as well. Right now, the Swann NVR8-8580 sends me a push alert saying...CH1 motion.

It is more intuitive if the push or email alert says...Front door motion detected.

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Seems like nobody else is interested in this topic, but I agree. All other systems send you a push notification and it recognizes the camera name you gave it. It seems like this should be an easy firmware fix. I called support on this a few times already and they just say this is not how the push notifications work. It would also be very useful it the push notification went directly to the clip and playback what activated it so you know immediately what is going on. This is supposed to be a security system and time is critical. I am just trying to create some interest so that maybe something gets done. There is a $150 discount on this unit since I bought it, so there must be something going why nobody is buying this system.
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HI Cheeseguy,

I do like your point and I agree with it; however, there are no such settings on the app to use the Display Name saved on the recorder just yet. Maybe on few app updates but I can't really tell. Please send a feedback from where you downloaded the app (Playstore or App Store) to reach our developers too. Others could be sending theirs already.
Hi John,
The AppStore links within the HomeView app page keep sending me back to or to a Swann email. It does not take feedback to developers, unless we write a review which is not the way the developers should receive feedback I would imagine.

While I’m talking apps, the same app used on an iPad doesn’t allow searching for playback records by motion or PIR. When you try to move the time dial, it keeps doing this annoying thing of jumping back and forth.
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Could you do a screen capture on your iPad starting from searching recordings until that jumping back and forth that you mentioned? Just upload the video on a Dropbox or any cloud storage that we can download it from.
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Thanks you @Cheeseguy. I have sent your video and although I think the app still gives you the time you chose, it seems to be it always goes back at the beginning of the timeline and will jump back to the correct part once you swipe it again. For now, just always make sure to update the app if there's any to ensure that it is not the version that is causing the problem.
Thanks John.
I’ve been downloading the latest app updates. I thought the latest updates fixed it, however, I realised the bug is only applicable when I try to “synchronise” multiple channels in playback. Single non-synchronised playback of a channel doesn’t seem to have an issue. (Only on iPad version, iPhone doesn’t apply)

Not really a big issue. Just an FYI in case the app fellows can rectify it when they get around to it.