Amazon firestick

  • 5 January 2019
  • 7 replies

Can you get the NVR 7400 to work on the Amazon firestick

7 replies

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Hi @Billy

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With regard to your query about setting up an Amazon firestick to the NVR-7400, that set-up will not work to the NVR.
Yes it does I have it up and running thanks
How did you get it working on the fire stick?
I downloaded the swann app to my laptop then used a program called ADB link to transfer it to the fire stick

Thanks for the response Billy. I did the same but the version I installed looked all distorted and I was unable to control it with the fire stick control. Which source files did you use?
If you install mouse toggle it creates a cursor to move around and mine looks distorted but it seems to put it self right I haven't worked out how it puts it's Wright
Thanks for your time Billy. I’ll install mouse toggle and give it a shot.