Swann Community Guidelines

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Be constructive

We’re all here to help, but for the community to assist you, you need to be clear about the problem you’re experiencing. The following information should be included where possible:
Model number
Firmware version
A clear description of the problem and how and when it occurs
Your desired solution
Feedback should be submitted in a manner similar to the above.
Use your title to quickly summarise the issue. (Model, issue for example)
Moderators will edit or delete posts that do not provide sufficient information.

Be polite

Please be considerate when you post your comments/questions etc. Make sure you’re attacking the topic, and not the poster. Do not troll or feed the troll. Foul or derogatory language will not be tolerated.
Moderators will edit/delete posts at their discretion.

On Topic

Please ensure you post questions or feedback about an article in the discussion channel assigned to it. If there is not a discussion channel assigned to the topic you wish to comment on, then certain latitudes are granted. However, we reserve the right to move, edit or delete posts if they are off-topic.


Along with On Topic, posting multiple issues per thread will also cause a loss of clarity and make it impossible to mark a clear answer to an issue.
Please post only one issue per thread. In that regard, if you are experiencing multiple issues, please post one thread for each. In doing so, each problem can be tracked and responded to appropriately.

Assist your fellow adventurer

We all need some help from time to time. If you happen to see a request for help that you know how to fix, please answer it!

English only

Our community is currently only accepting English language posts. Please do not post in other languages at this time, moderators will be required to remove non-English posts.

Collaborative Support

This is a community forum with many thousands of contributors and as such the various questions and comments are not specifically monitored by Swann employees. We do frequently add solutions, feedback and ideas to the many questions and queries posted, but unfortunately, not all posts can receive the attention of a Swann Staff member.

General rules

The following infractions should be considered poor form on any public site, and will be moderated:

  1. Targeted harassment and encouraging others to do so
  2. Spam
  3. Impersonation
  4. Direct threat of harm
  5. Posting personally identifiable information (this includes email addresses!)
  6. Inappropriate profile content

Any posts violating the preceding will be deleted without warning. Multiple infractions will result in a ban.

We take threats to employees, clients and property very seriously and these may be escalated to the appropriate authorities.

Updated: 8th May 2018

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