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SWNVK-885804B2FB - Google Home

  • 19 April 2019
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Your welcome @spillins
I am very happy that you got your system sorted out 🥳. But it’s weird 🧐about having to change 🗣️ “Ask” to “Talk”. It must be the 👅 accent, lingual or verbal pronunciations in different countries that’s required for the changes. I live in Australia 🇦🇺 .

In any case, it looks like this case is closed. I wish you never have to use your security camera system, but it’s nice to know it’s there.
🙂 @SpeakAndYouCanSee
I figured it out in the end, all up and running okay now.

if you click on the link below it will take you to home safe view google assistant and click on unlink icon then click send to your device.
Make sure you are not paired by running the set up in swan view link, if you are click on unpair.
Return to home safe view google assistant page and click link, then click send to your device.
Return to the home safe app and run set up again but when it asks you to say "swann security" simply skip this step by clicking next and go to the pair setting. Click on pair and then select your gmail account and once paired you can then ask google to talk to home safe view, the you will be asked what you want. just say "show camera x"

hey guys new here. i am having the same problem. i followed the instructions but cant unpair my google accout from home view app. its greyed out and wont let me click on it.thanks
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@RICKYJ what is the model number of your system?
Is it compatible with Google Assistant?
I have the same issue trying to link my account too Google Assistant, and after I followed the link I got a message like is not available at my location (Norway). I am using a DVR 4980 with 6 bullet camera 5mp if it's relevant.

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@Maybogdan82 Google Assistant smart speakers are available in Norway now aren’t they?
And you bought your Swann Security Camera system in Norway?
If you answered yes to both of these questions, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to link them. Did you read the first page of this forum question?
You will probably have to start from the beginning and unpair (if you have tried already) your DVR from Google Assistant.
Hi, so I would like to think I'm quite "Techy" and capable of setting up most things with Google home, we have Phillips hue lights and smart switches and appliances ect that I have linked up in the past and set routines ect. Thank you for the link to the home safe view as Swanns instructions are useless! I now have it linked and have set up shortcuts but my problem is it always streams to my Chromecast in my bedroom? Even if I change the routine or ask a direct instruction and say something like "ask home safe view to cast camera 1 on living room display" "living room display" being the name of the home hub in the living room it says ok starting the stream and then leaves the conversation and just streams to my Chromecast in my bedroom, the only way I can get it to display on the home hub is clicking the cast button in the android app. Any ideas? Thanks
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Hi @Richbaker22

I try to help people here on Swann with my limited experience. I hope I can here too.

I would have thought by speaking into a “smart display” that, by default the stream would start on that display.

I don’t have a Smart Display myself, but hopefully it’s not unlike linking a Chromecast dongle to my Google Home Mini.

Try going into your Google Home app > click on the device you are speaking into (living room display) > click on the “gear” ⚙️ setting symbol top right > scroll down to “Default TV” and see what it says. If it says “Living Room Display” I’ll have to give it some more thought. But if it says “Bedroom Chromecast” then select Default TV and there could be an option to choose the Living Room Display instead. Give it a little time to activate this setting before speaking into the smart display to “see” if it works.

I am interested in getting a smart display one day too, so this (if my instructions help) will help me too.
Hi thanks for the reply @SpeakAndYouCanSee unfortunately it is set to living room display but for some reason it

only plays on the bedroom Chromecast 😞
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Ahhhhhh! 😟🤨😟 @Richbaker22 it looks like the Google Home Hub isn’t compatible with Swann just yet. I should have known this after replying to someone else on this forum with exactly this problem. Sorry...
There is a link on this page to Google Home support to keep informed if Swann does become compatible.

Apparently it is compatible with Amazon Smart Displays.

If you live in the USA you should check out these $20US or $30US Wyze Cameras as they apparently do have Google Home Hub compatibility.