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SWNVK-885804B2FB - Google Home

Recently purchased the system SWNVK-885804B2FB direct from Swann which includes 6 x 4K cameras and the NVR-8580 box and is supposed to be compatible with the google home system however I can't get it working.

I follow the instructions on the HomeSafe View app however step 2 tells me to say "Swann Security" and then I'm supposed to get a link button that enables me to link swann security to google however the google assistant just does a search and gives the the street address for Swann instead. I've tried the setup with both the google home and the google assistant and get the same result. Seems like a really bad setup process, never had any trouble with the Philips Hue lighting setup. I can cast from the app on my phone to the TV but can't get the google home voice commands working.

Anyone have any idea how to set this up?

Notes: I'm located in Australia. My google home mini, chromecast, NVR-8580 and everything else in my house are all setup on the same home network with the same google account.

Best answer by cseejay 21 April 2019, 00:12

I figured it out in the end, all up and running okay now.

if you click on the link below it will take you to home safe view google assistant and click on unlink icon then click send to your device.
Make sure you are not paired by running the set up in swan view link, if you are click on unpair.
Return to home safe view google assistant page and click link, then click send to your device.
Return to the home safe app and run set up again but when it asks you to say "swann security" simply skip this step by clicking next and go to the pair setting. Click on pair and then select your gmail account and once paired you can then ask google to talk to home safe view, the you will be asked what you want. just say "show camera x"
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Hi TonyF

I have purchased the same system on Thursday last week.
I have set everything up and it is working okay but i have exactly the same problem, when i say "swann security" i simply get a search result but no activation link.
I was a chat with swann yesterday but they were not very helpful and wanted me to ring a number which i did but could not understand a word they were saying.
Did you get yours sorted?
I figured it out in the end, all up and running okay now.

if you click on the link below it will take you to home safe view google assistant and click on unlink icon then click send to your device.
Make sure you are not paired by running the set up in swan view link, if you are click on unpair.
Return to home safe view google assistant page and click link, then click send to your device.
Return to the home safe app and run set up again but when it asks you to say "swann security" simply skip this step by clicking next and go to the pair setting. Click on pair and then select your gmail account and once paired you can then ask google to talk to home safe view, the you will be asked what you want. just say "show camera x"
Hi Cseejay,

Thanks for the reply, I've got it working now. The actual steps required are nowhere near what's listed in the home safe view app or Swann website. The voice commands are terrible too, all my cameras are named on the Swann box (Front Door, Driveway, Back Yard, etc) but the only voice command the google assistant seems to recognise is "Ask Home Safe View to show channel x" which is a bit annoying if you can't remember which camera number is which. When I set up my home lighting I could name each light whatever I wanted (e.g. Lounge Lamp) and the google home would recognise it so it seems like this is just lazy programming by Swann.

Thanks for the help.
Yes Tony. Its a big disappointment but looks like we are stuck with it now and as you said the steps are all wrong. Glad you got it sorted.

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Thank you TonyF and cseejay for giving me the courage to unlink and unpair my Swann DVR, and start again with the setup process.
Mine is working perfectly now too, and I have introduced some shortcuts you have asked about in your posts. Note: I was using an iPad with the HomeSafe View app, but you can easily adjust the commands to suit your app.
  • Open Google Home
  • Open Google Account (icon bottom left corner that looks like a person)
  • Click on “More Settings” under the Google Assistant heading.
  • And then under the Assistant heading select “Routines”
  • Press the ➕icon in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Under “When I say” click “Add commands (required)” and type in “Show me the front door”. and press “SAVE” in top right corner.
  • Under The “Google Assistant should...” press “ADD ACTION” and type in “Ask [your app name] to show camera 1”. Mine was Ask Home Safe View to show camera 1. WARNING ⚠️Even though my app name is HomeSafe View, I have to put a space in between Home and Safe to get it to work. So it may need adjusting to suit your app name.
  • Press “ADD” in top right corner.
  • Press “Save” in top right corner.
  • Now try saying “Hey Google, Show me the front door”.
  • “Hey Google, cancel Chromecast” to end stream.

Thank you SpeakAndYouCanSee for that info.
I have been messing around with that but could not get it to work correctly. but as you said you had to type home safe view with spaces and that worked perfectly.
It makes it a lot easier than having to ask google to talk to home safe view all the time.

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No worries @cseejay . I’m happy to help.
I think Swann needs to make YouTube videos for all apps to save confusion.
If they explained things in simple step by step form like I have they will have fewer returns.
I was teetering on deciding whether to return my system based on not being able to set up Google Voice Assistant, but now I’m definitely keeping it!
Hey All, I was wondering if anyone had a similar issue as me. After following the link, I select link where i end up at this page. After I select my account it goes to the blank screen.

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@adammpapa it may be worth your while to start from the beginning like I did, or use @cseejay instructions above^.

To the best to my memory this is what I did...
I was using an iPad with the HomeSafe View app
FIRST...Make sure you.
  • UNLINK Home Safe View in Google Account (using a web browser like Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer,etc.)> Security (left side of page) >Linked Accounts (which is right at the bottom of my page)>press unlink next to the HomeSafe View app.
  • UNPAIR in the HomeSafe View app.

  • Goto Swann (HomeSafe View) app to register your DVR
  • Choose to use a tablet.
  • In Google Assistant... type “Swann Security” to your tablet

  • And then link your Home Safe View account to Google by pressing “Yes” in Google Assistant, and continue.
This was driving me crazy, glad I was able to find this information. I recently purchased the package with the NVR 8580 and couldn't get it to link with Google Home. I have followed these outstanding instructions and have made some progress. My current status is that I can ask Google home to talk to Home Safe View, and Home Safe View will ask say please go ahead. I will ask it to show camera 1, it will then say "Okay, starting the stream" but nothing is casting though onto the TV. My current setup involves Sony Android TV with built in ChromeCast. I am able to get Google Home to change inputs, open various android apps, and set volume, so I know it can see it and control it. Am I missing something in the great instructions here to get it to cast onto the TV? I would hate to have to purchase an external ChromeCast to resolve this, but if that's the only way then I will though. Thanks advance for any other suggestions.
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@spillins we’re they my ( @SpeakAndYouCanSee )instructions or those of @cseejay? It doesn’t matter but it would be nice to know if mine worked too.
It should work with Chromecast built-in as it is mentioned in this Swann YouTube video...
I don’t know much about televisions with Chromecast built-in, but should work like my external Chromecast.
Do you connect your TV via WiFi or Ethernet cable?
If WiFi...
I do know if I’m trying to cast from my iPad to the Chromecast, it won’t connect unless it is on the same WiFi network (2.4 or 5GHz). Usually you get 2 WiFi signals from your WiFi router...So check if your Google Home smart speaker is on exactly the same network as your TV.
Hopefully this works for you.
If Ethernet I’ll keep thinking about a solution.
Hello, I tried with both instructions and had the same results. I went looking for an 1st gen Chrome-cast which I found and connected/setup that to Sony Android TV and after then tried: "Talk to Home Safe View" and then Show me camera 1" it tells me starting the stream and starts to play on the Gen1 external Chrome-cast (finally). But, I'm still having issues with setting up the routines. This is what happens when I followed the routine process listed on this discussion. I have it typed this way "Ask HomeSafe View to show camera 1" it replies back as "Sorry, I'm not sure how to help with that, but I'm always learning" and if I have it setup as "Ask Home Safe View to show camera 1" it replies back with "Sorry, I can't send messages yet". I would love to get the routines working though to make it more efficient, also hopefully Swann will update something so I wouldn't have to use external Chrome-cast to stream to an android TV.
So in the meantime I have it setup this way to get it working with partial routine. When I say "Home Safe" with "Talk to Home Safe View" so the Home Safe View is listening. Then I say "Show camera one" for example. I was also wondering if its possible to get Home Safe View to stream all the cameras at once if I would to say "Show all cameras" or something to that manner. Again thanks for at least getting to this point, as I'm debating which security system to go with. I have the Lorex 4K with 6 spotlight cameras and this Swann system with four 4K and two 4K spotlight cameras. I'm leaning more towards the Swann due to too many false detection for branches moving by the wind with Lorex. I've tried the lowest possible detection settings on the Lorex and it still prompts with false alerts. Couple of good things about Lorex setup is that their all spotlights and the Costco return policy.
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@spillins I’m glad I could get you to a point where you are content to keep on using the Swann system, but I would be much happier if you only had to say for example “Hey Google, Show me the front door”. Make sure you are saying exactly what you have typed in the “When I say” line.

The Routine might just need some tweaking.

That would be wonderful to see all the cameras at once. I’m still at the stage of installing my cameras, but I will get back to you if I get that Routine to work.

In regards to your false alarms: Swann has a way where you can create a new motion detection area/s where you can exclude areas that cause problems with the detection system. Maybe the Lorex system has the same feature?
Swann also has heat source detection to reduce false alarms.

With a security camera system it’s a fine line between covert surveillance and just wanting to scare potential burglars/peeping toms away, and those spotlights give you that option. Swann has those types of cameras too, but whether they are compatible with your system is the question.

NVR-8580 User Manual

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@spillins I have written a reply, but the moderators have to approve it. I may have edited it too many times or added too many website links.
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@spillins Oh, and if you are keeping the Swann system, make sure you register your warranty online to get an extra 6 months warranty (look for the golden ticket that came in the box) . There is a time limit after purchase to do this. I had to do it within 30 days.

@SpeakAndYouCanSee Thanks for the suggestion and you can email me what you posted as well to this temporary email address that I can later delete if you wouldn't mind please? The temporary email address is

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@spillins I’m sorry, but for some reason my new Notes on iOS are getting deleted without my consent. Might be it’s an iCloud thing. Not to worry, I’m sure the reply will be approved and you can read it here. I’ll tag you when it appears.
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@spillins My only relevant suggestion to your Google Assistant problem was to accurately say what you typed (eg. “Hey Google, Show me the front door”) in the “When I say” line. Any extra or missing words will change the outcome.
@SpeakAndYouCanSee Actually now I recalled, when I had tried your instructions, Google Assistant wouldn't come up with the same result after typing "Swann Security", it came back finding results on the web instead of the Home Safe View selection as you had mentioned. Thanks for mentioning about accurately say what you typed. Maybe I'm not performing this correctly, I go thru this process for the routine, I would say "Hey Google" wait a few seconds and then I would say the set voice command for the routine "Show me the front door" which is in the "When I say" line. Is this the correct way to work this because I tried adding "Hey Google, Show me the front door" and it didn't work as well. Again appreciate all the suggestions!
@SpeakAndYouCanSee , just a update I was able to go thru your instructions once I recalled that I can send from Google Assistant web link ( to the iOS device instead of Google Home to get the same prompt as you had. Unfortunately the result was the same, I'm thinking it has issues with built-in-cast of Android TV's at the moment. I'll just looking into getting the routines working with going thru multiple voice commands with Google Home.
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@spillins I thought you had a Google Chromecast dongle (HDMI plug-in)?

I’ve read that a lot of people are having trouble with the built-in ones.

If you can, stick to the plug-in for now, and make sure your on the correct TV input (or try another monitor). But not too far away from the modem/router as the first generation Chromecast didn’t have a good WiFi as the later ones do.

On an off topic and taking a few steps backwards:-
  1. Can you view camera footage on the app?
  2. Are you able to then cast a camera view to your TV? The Chromecast icon on each camera is temperamental, so it might need a few taps.
@SpeakAndYouCanSee I actually have the first generation Chromecast working decently. It's the routines that don't work quite like they are mentioned here. For example if I have a routine setup exactly like you have mentioned, after saying "Show me the front door" it replies back with "Sorry I can't send messages yet". So I created a somewhat different routine, with a unique word with it's google assistant should do with "Talk to Home Safe View" and then I can speak and say "Show me camera 1" and it will start the streaming of camera 1 to the external chromecast. I can view camera footage on the app, but I can't cast to the external or the built-in cast on the Sony Android TV from the Home Safe App itself. I can cast anything else to them both though. Maybe the Home Safe View app has an issue itself.
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@spillins I think I have helped you as much as I can. Maybe at this point in your system setup you will have to contact Swann Support directly by Live Chat, email or phone in your country.

Or you could ask one of the Swann Staff like @AngieE , who is extremely knowledgeable here on the Community forum as they can help you more than I can.

I hope I have been some assistance to you, and that you will get everything working the way you want it.
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Hi @SpeakAndYouCanSee ,

I reinstated your post as it had been ?blocked? Not sure why, nothing objectionable in it.

A few further points:

The 'Ask...', 'Talk to...' change was apparently implemented by Google.

This implementation of HomeSafe View is unable to be targeted to a specific Chromecast. Built-in Chromecasts may also not be addressable by the HomeSafe View Google Assistant app.