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  • 1 July 2018
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I have just purchased a new 4 channel dvr and are trying to set it up using swann homesafe view app on my mac, at the login screen it asks for a password, cant ever remember setting one up, if i leave it blank it says incorrect password , my old dvr use to work fine on the swannlink app, i can get no futher in the set up, any help appreciated,

Thanks Neil

8 replies

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Hi @Neil Brown:

May I know what is the model number of your new system?

***The model number is usually found on the Swann sticker on the base or bottom of the product. If you still have the packaging box, you can try to look on top of it. Look for the model number sequence, commonly starting with 'SW', 'SR', 'CO', DVR' or 'NVR'. We do not require the serial number.***

The model number is DVR4_4575 and i have 4 1080 hd bullet cameras wired in , the dvr is hard wired to a modem with an ethernet cable , many thanks
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Hi @Neil Brown:

For the HomeSafe View software, you just need to click on Login button on your computer. There's no need to enter any password.
hi when i press login it displays incorrect password , any ideas , thanks
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Hi @Neil Brown:

If that's the case, the software's password has already been setup before. You need to delete the database of HomeSafe View software to remove the password.

I'm not familiar with the MAC directory but for Windows check the sample directory below:

I have the same issue. There's no chance the password was set up prior, as the unit is straight out of the box. We can't connect to the unit via the software because it won't recognise it without the password.

The default password of 12345 doesn't work either

Model: DVR4-1590.

Also, this system comes with one power adapter, but the directions clearly show 2 are required. One for the camera's and one for the unit.
Hi scabbles did you get any joy with your question about the password.. Cheers Neil
I have a Swann DVR 4580 4 Channel and I don't know the password it was given to me and I was told there was no password and 1234 or 1234567890 or 123456 so on does NOT work and I do not have windows or Mac computer here ???