Cant get email alerts from my DVR. says Username/Password!!!

  • 11 January 2019
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Hey. So I setup my cameras last night and was working through the box setup but when I tried to send a test email for alerts, it kept saying authentication failed with wrong uername and password. Thing is the username is provided by swann and the password I created and works for logging in to access the box and my question is why would it be failing.

The email address I entered is Gmail and it doesnt say invalid email address or anything, its just the username and or password. Any ideas???


4 replies

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Hi there,

We understand you are having issue with email alert.
May we know the model of your recorder. It is usually underneath the DVR and starts with SW or SRDVR.
Regarding the username and password on email settings, it is referring to the username and password of your Sender or Senders Address
Try going into your google email account and turn off letting less secure apps use gmail. That is what I did and it worked...
I know you're not on Outlook (,, etc) but if anyone is using it and you have 2-factor authentication on your Microsoft account then you need to setup with a one-time app password.
I’m getting the same exact problem, I’m very computer savvy, I definitely have the correct smtp server and port for gmail and I definitely know my user name and password and have checked and double checked all of these things and still no luck!! What is going on with this situation?