Can’t access cameras via HomeSafe view app

  • 29 January 2018
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i have ave the Pro-series HD DVR4-1580 4 channel 720p HD digital video recorder and 4 x PRO-T835 cameras.

i have it set up and connected to my NBN via Ethernet

i can’t get the homesafe view app to connect at all, it just says connection failed... help?

9 replies

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Hi a_chalker89,

Welcome to the community!

If the model number is correct, HomeSafe View is not the right app to use; unless, your unit has 2x USB ports at the front.
If it does, please check THIS article and if it doesn't, THIS one instead.
followed it all and says failed to connect to device
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Which article did you follow, the first or second link? Please tell me if the DVR has 2x USB ports at the front or not.
2 x USB ports at the front, I followed that article
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Thanks for the info. Can you access the Menu then go to Network (left) then Network again (top). Please tell me which radio button is selected (PPPoE, DHCP, or Static) and what is the IP address and Gateway.
I've followed these steps and still cant get my phone connected to my cameras, I've not changed any settings or that so don't know why it would have just stopped working.
John, is the UID mode going through port 80, 443? Is it a SSL connection?
How does the UID mode establish a connection through the firewall so that it reaches the NVR?

I had problems using UID as well and I fixed it with static IP, DDNS and port forwarding...but not everyone will want to do this. Obviously UID would be more convenient.
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Hi Cheeseguy,
The UID uses UDP, not TCP/IP so it can "punch through" a firewall. To allow your app to connect the DVR sends an anonymous request to our listening server and when you open the app it checks the server for the IP address of the DVR and then connects directly using P2P via the connection "tunnel" that the DVR has maintained for the app to use. The most common reason for the DVR to appear offline when UID is used is due to physical network issues (cable disconnected or broken, port outage or similar) or other changes not related to the app or DVR specifically. Some very complex NAT setups can stop the P2P process working and in that case our server "relays" the traffic to the app so as to allow a connection so it would seem here that some other issue is causing a problem.

Hi Martin,
Can you check all your physical connections from your DVR to the network and make sure that the DVR has an IP address from your internet router. We do suggest that even when the connections seem ok that you re-plug them anyway just to be sure.