Cant see buttons at bottom of screen.

  • 7 June 2018
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I have an old flattop TV and I cant see buttons at bottom of screen. They are below the screen and I have to take cursor down off screen and mess with it to get to options page. I have messed with resolution and nothing works to bring bottom of screen up. Do I need a PC monitor or have to hook it up to a smart tv but I will have to go buy a 20 foot HDMI cable. I want to run HDMI from the swan box. I used my laptop but its not what I see off the Swann box.

2 replies

Hi @Vic ,

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It seems that it is a resolution issue still. Good to know that you already played around the resolution, but the question is which resolution did you try to rectify? Is it with the DVR or the TV? We would want to know the model of your recorder so that we can check what resolution it can support. Did it even work properly before?

Our latest DVR and NVR models nowadays support VGA connection too. And it is likely a good option to use a PC monitor for testing. However, if you intend to use an HDMI to a laptop, it will not work at all because both of them are output devices. You can only run an HDMI through a TV monitor.
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Hey Vic,

Sounds like you're running into an overscan issue.

As you said, use a more current monitor/TV and the issue should resolve itself.