Unable to start DVR-4575 recording


I have a Swann DVR-4575 with two cameras connected (Ch1 and Ch2).

The DVR-4575 is not currently connected to a monitor and was setup with a password but is now accessed via Home View.

Everything appears to be configured properly and I can monitor the cameras in the Main View.

I am having difficulty working out how to set the cameras recording.

If I go into Control Panel > Local Record Management.

Record Management = Ch1 and Ch2 > Strategy0 > Switch file 30 minutes, Main Stream, Every day 00:00 to 00:00

But if I go into Record Schedule it shows:

Local Record Setting > Loop Recording, 30 days, auto overwrite - but nothing appears in the panel below?

Local Record Information > both Ch1 and Ch2 say Record SubStream, Expect Status Error, Recording Status Recording Stop

I can't change the settings on this page as click and right click don't do anything.

I've checked every setting on every page and I have checked the logs but there is nothing I can seem to do.

I've checked the manual but the screen shots in the manual don't match the software I am using.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.



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Hi @rwassell:

To playback the recordings using the software, click HERE.
To record the cameras directly to your computer, refer to screenshot below:

1.) First Go to SYSTEM CONFIGURATION>FILE to check the location of the downloaded files, you can change this if you want.

2.) Go to MAIN View. Hover the mouse on the Live View of the camera and click on RECORD.


Thank you for your reply.

Local recording to the PC is fine, we can achieve that, however that is not what we are trying to do, we want to make the DVR record the streams to its own hard disk and play them back.

I clicked the link to the other article and that refers to remote playback, but there is nothing to playback, presumably because the DVR is not recording which brings us back to the main problem.

Local Record Information > both Ch1 and Ch2 say Record SubStream, Expect Status Error, Recording Status Recording Stop

The question is - can we start recording from Ch1 and Ch2 to the DVR's own hard disk via the Home View software - or - do we have to have a screen and mouse connected to the DVR and start recording on the DVR itself?


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Hi @rwassell:

You may need to double check if the HDD of your DVR is still working properly or if it is being detected.

Or have a monitor connected to the DVR then try to playback from there. Or double check also the HDD information on the main menu.