unable to set up e-mail

  • 9 April 2018
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My System is DVR8 -4575. I can'rt get the e-mail system working - whatever I try to test it, I get "Authentication failed, invalid Username or password" Clearly I'm doing something wrong. I've used one of my gmail addresses as the sender, and another as the receiver,
The password for my gmail account is correct
I've used the name I set up the gmail address with, and used the correct gmail address,
I've set the SMTP port to 00465 as suggested in the manual.
Still no joy.
Anyone any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
Many thanks.
Mike E

1 reply

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Hi @Mike Eveleigh,

For email setup, please check this article for more information: Email alerts: How to set up from the DVR per Se ( DVRx 1590/1600/4480/4575/4780/4980 and NVRx-7450/8580)

Make sure that Email Alerts: Gmail account setting (Less Secure Apps) is enabled.