UID login not working

  • 16 August 2019
  • 4 replies

I've used this DVR for over a year now and just when the login fails have ceased for a few months, they came back and rebooting the DVR is no longer a solution. It's been like this for over 3 days. I can still view the cameras locally, but not remotely. It's a DVR16-4400. I'm wondering if this is a server issue or something going on on my side.

4 replies

Mine started acting up this morning. Maybe it's the same issue that I find on the forum from a couple of months ago where the UID is acting up. I have an 8300 series.
My UID is still not working yet. I can access it on my phone from the same network just fine but outside of that its been down. I hope to get some answers quickly as I would rather not have to purchase another system. I've been able to resolve it before by rebooting or resetting the network settings but that has not been working.
Hi any update to this? UID not working at all. DVR8-3425

My UID has been down for over a week now and we’re considering replacing the whole system together. Nothing I’ve done seems to work. I’ve reset the router, rebooted the system, unplugged each part and put them back together after waiting a couple minutes. Hope there’s a fix for this real soon.