Swann DNS server down? UID not working again...

  • 11 August 2019
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It happened before, and not it happened again...Past 4 days no cams. Everything ok on my side. Are your DNS servers down again?

5 replies

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Hi @Jan123

Our server seems to be fine, could you provide us more details about this?

Please provide the following information.
  • Model of the system you have.
  • Have you made any changes in settings?
  • Any changes in router/modem?
You may try to reboot the system you have and the router for it to refresh the network settings.


  1. I haven't made any changes to the settings on DVR
  2. I haven't made any changes on the router.
  3. I think i have DVR 3450, but I will double check when I am home.
  4. It works on local network and Wi-Fi, does not work with UID. I took my system to my neighbor and connected there, still the same issue, works on local network, does not work on UID on my phone app or SwannLink on pc outside home.
  5. Restarted DVR, rebooted router, double checked settings etc.
Just to give you little background: I have been working in IT ( networking and programming) for 10 years and I can't find a fault.

Thanks for help
DVR4-4X50 - my dvr model.Thanks
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@Jan123 Please send me via private message the UID code for the system, IP and gateway. You may check this information by going to the Menu Then Network.

Also make sure that the network settings of the system is set to DHCP.
Ok. I got my NVR back online... I spent 35 minutes with online support, of which I will never get those minutes back in my life (horrible). Then I called into support. Stumped Chen the support guy. Did all the troubleshooting again. Same thing. Then I decided to uncheck ddns. Reboot (like the 9th time today) And sure as it’ll be, I could connect. Support says it doesn't show connected. They’ve escalated my case. They said I was the first customer to call in with issues. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

IT Engineer / Architect for 15 years. Sadly one of the worst support centers I’ve encountered.