Remote acess DVR8-3000 HELP

  • 17 August 2019
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I have a DVR8-3000 that I have enjoyed for years. I can no longer access it from my PC to capture images or videos. I've check the IP address and port, but nothing. Swann no longer offers support for the network configuration and I am stumped.

Any suggestions?

3 replies

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Hi @philgermond

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To setup remote access for this unit you will firstly, connect the system to the modem or router then get the following details.

IP address
Port Numbers.
Public Address.

You may get these information at the menu. Just go to Network then Network Status for the IP and Gateway. For the port numbers you need to go to Network then Advance.

Once you got the information you may check if the ports on the router are open.
Get a computer that is connected to the same router as the DVR. Then go to Here take note of the address in there this will be your public address.

To check if the Ports are open just type in the port then do a check port. If the test gets a successful connection then the ports are open and you can use those address to connect to the mobile app.

IP address of the DVR (If you are connecting to the same network as the DVR)
Public address (If you are connecting to a different network.)

If the ports are showing an error then ports are closed and they need to be open you can either call your Internet Service Provider to have them open the ports or you can do the port forwarding yourself.

You can follow this guide for port forwarding.

General Port Forwarding Guide​​​

Hope this helps.

Some questions:

IP address........... My public IP IPv4 address (Sensitive Information )?
Gateway.............. Is this the router's IP (Sensitive Information)?
Port Numbers......
Public Address.

Does the DVR have an IP address?

Thanks for your help!
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@philgermond Yes the DVR has it's own IP address that can be located on the network setting of the DVR. The address provided is your public IP address.