Log in Failure to DVR4-4400T Swann system using an iPhone X

I have been unable to log into my Swann CCTV System DVR4-4400T running four cameras.
It has been a good and reliable system but recently I repeatedly get the error message 'Open failed' when try to view my cameras from the SwannView Link app on an iPhone X. On the Devices page of the app the Status is shown as Login failed. The app keeps trying to log in and the status is changing from Login to Login failed. Any ideas folks ??

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Hi @BobKSwann:

Login failed error message has something to do with the network of the DVR.
Try to restart the router and the DVR.
Is the DVR connected to an extender or directly to the main router? If it is to an extender, try to connect it to the main router.
Try to connect the ethernet cable to a different port on the router then restart the DVR.
Did you change the password? If yes, password needs to be updated on the phone.
Try also reinstalling the application.
Thanks MelC I will try the fix you suggest... stand by.