How can i get swann link to work ?

I've installed it on windows and followed the instruction entered all the information asked and then I just get connection failed every time .windows 10

Also tried to install the software on andriod tablet same thing happens again connection failed.

And o the mail setup on the host box itself I entered the detail smtp address username password and the recipes address and just like the rest of stuff with this dvr8_ it do t work

So any help please

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Hi @Dark:

To better assist you with this, may I know what's the model number of your unit?

The model number is usually found on the Swann sticker on the base or bottom of the product. If you still have the packaging box, you can try to look on top of it. Look for the model number sequence, commonly starting with 'SW', 'SR', 'CO', DVR' or 'NVR'. We do not require the serial number.

On the main menu of the recording, depending on the interface:

Go to Maintenance>General. or
Go to System>System Information. or
Go to System>Info.
its a dvr8-4575

the link software on windows dont show a connection always says failed
Hi @Dark,

For your DVR8-4575, the right application/software is HomeSafe View. Is that the software that you are using? If yes, try this guide on how to access it on your phone or on your computer.
printed it off for the computer tried it not a thing al it says is login failed .not a thing shows when I try add online device and the icon is not visible basically the link show a completely different version of the software for homesafe view the website gives as a download .so I was hoping the link for windows would help but didnt thanks for your help anyways
Hi @Dark,

Is this the same interface you have on your software?

Go to
Hi @Dark,

Is this the same interface you have on your software?