Homesafe app very unstable

  • 15 February 2018
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I have recently purchased a swann pro series hd 1080p SWDVK-845804 which was recommended to me by the store, i have installed everything and the quality is amazing.
I have installed the homesafe app on my galaxy s8 and it has linked with my box, the problem is the app does not always receive notifications and when playing back recorded footage on my phone it is not very stable, always crashing and the app does not save settings, this really needs sorting as i am close to taking the system back for a different make.
I have read lots of complaints on the same matters so swann are aware of how badly this app works.
Seriously not impressed with swann so far.
Sort this out!!!!!

26 replies

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Hi Nick,
Could be a couple of things at play here.
First off, we have the latest beta app available for Android here which improves connection stability and also general usage stability:
You can opt in to the beta program and use this version which is the basis for our next full release.

Also note that if you are playing back the "mainstream" video in the app which can be up to 6Mbps per channel, you can run into trouble if there is any interruption to the stream as mainstream is traditionally the locally recorded stream, especially when playing back over the internet.
We have also recently updated the firmware for your DVR model as well to improve overall performance and remove bugs. In the coming month this update will be made available for OTA (internet update) but for now you can update your DVR using a USB stick and this file:
Thanks for your reply, i followed your instructions and clicked to be a tester, it said i would receive an update on my app but I've had no notification of the update? I can tell you that notifications are coming through now though so has the update come through in the background without me knowing???
Also can i switch notifications off for certain cameras as I'm getting them on all cameras when i only want them on 2??
Thanks again
Update to my previous answer, the app doesn't seem to be working at all now.
I thought that this was fixed but now there are no notifications coming through again. This simply is not good enough so as i said before i am seriously thinking of taking the whole system back for a refund.
This really needs sorting as it doesn't perform as described. Useless!!!!!!!
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Hi Nick,
Yes, in the DVR menu you can turn off Push on a per camera basis. Make sure you check your motion settings etc after the firmware update to ensure everything is set how you want it. If you can't get push notifications coming through get on to Swann Tech Support and get them to go over the settings with you as Push is very reliable when the settings are all correct.
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Hi Nick, I don't work for Swann, just an end users like yourself. Make sure when you make the changes on the DVR that you hit save. I found myself forgetting this a few times thinking I had made changes I had not actually made. I also wasn't getting notifications and realized that with iOS you have to actually go into the app and enable push. Then I was able to setup just the camera I wanted to push notifications to me and I was all set. I find the push notifications to be pretty instant. Emails sometimes a take a bit to receive, but do give a quick snapshot at the time of the alert.

I hope you figure it out. One thing you may want to do is call Swann support. While these guys on the forum are great help. There is something about talking with someone and having them walk you through the process to insure everything is set. Taking a security system down and returning it a lot of work, but I understand the feeling.
Hi, i can assure you all settings are correct but the app is still not working as it should, i only receive notifications occasionally which is so annoying.
The swann system was recommended over a lorex, I'm still not confident in this system and app working together as they should, this really needs looking into further, i cannot fault the quality of the system so it's a massive shame that the app seems very unstable.
Right, I'm seriously getting sick and tired of this now, i haven't changed any settings and today i have not received 1 notification on my phone. Can you please look into this annoying problem as i know I'm not the only one having issues.
Simply not good enough.
I brought these because i got broken in to so what's the point in these if i don't receive a notification when movement is picked up on my property.
Look forward to your reply.
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Hi Nick,

To ensure that you have all settings turned on, here are the things you need to check:
  • Detection - Go to Menu > Alarm > Motion and select a channel that has PIR camera and you want to get the alerts from. Make sure that Detection is set to PIR and Motion.
  • Push - this will only show if the previous setting is selected; ensure that this checkbox is ticked.
  • Push (on app) - open HomeSafe View, tap the 3-bar icon (top left) then select Alarm. Tap the gear icon (top right) then toggle the switch to Push.

Other things that you need to check are Sensitivity and Area. Be aware that highest number is the most sensitive and area covered with red boxes are the section where movements will be detected. Just so you know, I am currently using an Android device with HomeSafe View v1.1.5 (Beta) and I am getting the notifications. If this still doesn't work out for you, try a spare phone if you have one and see if this has something to do with a setting on your phone (not the app).
Hi, i have gone through the settings time after time, everything is setup for push on the dvr and on my phone, i am still only receiving notifications randomly, i am sat in front of my box now and the light is flashing as movement is detected but still i have no notifications. I never had this trouble with my lorex system.
This simply isn't working as it should.
It is hopeless so can someone please sort this out??
My phone is a galaxy s8.
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As already mentioned, try calling Swann Support, they are very helpful and can talk through the set up and do some troubleshooting with you (if using a mobile phone to call them, I always use my headphones, as it's always handy to have both hands free or on a landline, have a cordless handset with speaker phone).

Sometimes a quick call is needed and it could be a simple fix.

It's worth a try before deciding to uninstall everything and taking it back to the store.
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Hi Nick,

James gave you the link for the firmware but reading through this post once again, it wasn't confirm that you now have the latest firmware. Can you access the Menu then go to System (left) > Info (top) and tell me what is your Software Version?
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Did we lose Nick?
Sorry, i wasn't aware you had replied, i will check what version my software is but i am still very unhappy with how this app works. Why does it not remember settings, when i choose playback i have to then select the dvr everytime i want to look at what has been recorded, very very annoying.
I'll be back on here tomorrow, thanks.
It doesn't receive the push notifications unless the app is running!
The app is useless, the app is set to give notifications on my galaxy s9, it has notified me before a couple of times but not for months, need to follow up from my last post but had more important things to worry about, if it doesn't change I'll contact swann and arrange for the system to be sent back.
Really not happy with it
I have an S9 too! It works randomly but it won't receive notifications unless the app is open. If it's off I get them all at once when I start the app back up. Email works fine though not sure what else to do.
My point exactly, the app is supposed to tell you of any camera activity when the phone is in standby, I exchanged a lorex system for the swann because of a faulty hard drive and the lorex app worked flawlessly!! Who do I see about getting the system sent back because it was swapped at maplins who have since gone bust. It is less than a year old, not been happy with it since I had it.
Yep, confirmed here too that the push notifications only work if the app is actually opened and running in the background. Also, it sucks power at a rate of 1% per hour, which is quite crazy really.

So, we have a security system that kind of works, but kind of doesn't... hmmf... it really is rather clunky isn't it...

Big company like this releasing schoolboy code and clunk front ends. Seems weird they haven't just sorted this out.

I've only just received mine and whilst the video quality seems nice, the front end is horrendous. Also hating the differing apps for differing DVRs etc etc. It's quite a mess.

Thinking of sending mine back and re-thinking the whole setup now, all because the bloody app is lame!
I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this, the app makes the whole thing useless in my opinion, I will be sending my system back and getting one that actually does the job that is intended.
The swann system is not fit for purpose.
Its the only part I'm not happy with, I have 4k cameras and can plug them into a switch so no need to wire back to the nvr. Recording is good and the software good, the app is rubbish !!! I have to remember to leave it running and minimize it (Samsung S9) in order to get the alerts as the emails take too long to come through. If I find a fix I will post on here.
I've emailed swann to arrange to send the whole thing back, it is not fit for purpose and when I was sold it I was told it was once of the best, like I said I replaced a lorex system because of a faulty hard drive and this has been a major step back, the lorex app worked flawlessly and was so much easier to navigate.
Thanks .
Yeah, very annoying. Sort the app out and make the push notifications actually work as they should and it would all be fine for me. As it is, i have cameras that i have to manually check every now and then? Doesn't really work, does it..
No not at all, one of the key features is the push notifications, without this the system is not fit for purpose in my eyes, the quality of the cameras is great, if they can sort the app then I'm happy, if not then I will be requiring a refund.
Can anyone tell me the best contact method for swann direct?? I want to send the whole system back.
Thanks in advance.
Are these problems limited to Android phones - ie is the app stable for the iPhone x for example?